25 Xmas Gifts For Gym Junkies

Is your friend a serial gym junkie? Someone who’d rather go out in gym gear than something fancy? Would they rather smash back another protein shake than risk the dreaded catabolism? Well we’re here to save the day for you! 25 christmas gift ideas for gym junkies!


Gerorge Foreman Grill

1. The Fitness Food Company Meal Box

These fresh boxes of butcher quality meat, healthy snacks and veg are incredible and easily frozen in their portion controlled packaging. Delivered to their door and will last long after Christmas!

£14.99-£79.99 – The Fitness Food Company Meat Packs Delivered




Promixx 2.0 Shaker

2. Promixx 2.0

The revolutionary premium shaker that mixes your protein automatically at the click of a button just got better. New storage compartments, aluminium finish and ultra high torque for the best mix yet! An awesome xmas gift for the gym junkie on your list!

£39.99 – Buy Promixx 2.0 Here




Coconoil Coconut Oil

3. Coconut Oil

With so many health benefits across the board, coconut oil is an excellent, thoughtful gift for the gym junkie in your life! You can eat it, cook with it, or slap it in your hair or on your skin! Coconoil is 100% organic Coconut oil which is hugely popular!

£9.80 – Buy Coconoil HERE




Fitter Food Recipe Book - A Lifelong Recipe

4. Fitter Food Recipe Book – A Lifelong Recipe

Sold all over the world, Matt and Keris’ recipe book is an excellent christmas gift for gym junkies. Inside they have over 100 recipes, designed with one thing in mind, to help you look and feel awesome!

£12.99 – Buy Fitter Food ‘A Lifelong Recipe’ HERE





5. Cerberus Strength Wraps & Straps

The basis of any good lifters gym bag extras is a good set of lifting wraps and straps. Cerberus are a ultra high quality, very well priced option. Gym junkies will love this gift!

£4.95-12.99 – Buy Cerberus Strength Wraps & Straps




Jimbag SFN Expo

6. Jimbag – Fashionable Gym Bags

The exciting range looks awesome, and every gym junkie would love one of these! Check out the ranges for guys and the ranges for girls. Both are superb!

£19.99-£49.99 – Buy Jimbag Bags Now




Physio Supplies Foam Roller

7. Foam Roller

Any gym junkie needs to focus time and effort on avoiding injury and increasing mobility. That’s the beauty of foam rollers – they’re light, mobile, cheap and HUGELY effective! Physio supplies have a wide range to choose from!

£8.00-£42.00 – Buy Foam Rollers Now



8. Jawbone UP24 – Wireless Activity & Sleep Tracking Device

These things are amazing! Wear it all day, then plug it into your laptop and find out what you and your body has been up to. You can use this to see where you’re going right and wrong to make even bigger gym junkie improvements!

£79.99 – Buy Jawbone UP24 Now




TDT Ben Coomber

9. Transdermal Technology Sprays (TDT)

Brought to you by performance nutritionist Ben Coomber, TDT is a revolutionary recovery sprays, with excellent reviews! Simply spray and rub before and after training to enhance performance and accelerate recovery! Buy separate sprays or a bundle for the gym junkie on your xmas list!

£16-£18 – Buy Transdermal Technology Sprays Now




Bodymax Selectabell Dumbell Set

10. Bodymax Selectabell Dumbbell Set

Is your gym junkie friend more of a home-gym junkie? When space is an issue, these are the greatest gift you can give this Xmas! A simple click and lock system allows you to quickly change your dumbbell from 5kg up to 32.5kg! Visit Powerhouse Fitness to get yours now!

£299 – Buy Bodymax Selectabell Dumbbell Set Now




Primal Kitchen Bars

11. A Delicious Box of Bars

The UK’s first paleo bar, Primal Kitchen, is adding new flavours! If your gym junkie friend follows the paleo diet, or just general excellent tasting healthy snacks, then dive in!

£27 – Buy Primal Kitchen Bars Now





Whey Protein

12. A Good Old Fashioned Whey!

You can’t go wrong with a high quality tub of whey protein – you’ll be the favourite friend for the next 12 months with ease! Physiquecal’s Whey2Muscle is over 80% whey, making it a superb option to go for this Xmas!

£41 – Buy Physiquecal Whey2Muscle Now




Anytime Leisure Suspension Training Xmas Gift

13. On-the-go Suspension Training Gear

The real gym junkie NEEDS to train wherever he/she goes and this makes it incredibly easy! Attach to a door, to a tree, or anything you find that’s sturdy, and you can have a brilliant workout! Anytime Leisure’s huge range will allow you get an amazing xmas gift, whatever the budget!

£13-£500+ – Buy Suspension Training Gear Now





Global Aesthetics

14. Fitted Gym Clothing

Every gym junkie loves some well tailored gym clothing that shows off their hard work! Flying off the shelves, the Global Aesthetics fitted tracksuits are excellently fitted and stylish. Limited Xmas stock, get yours now!

£29-40 – Buy Global Aesthetic Tracksuits Now




Kindle Vouchers

15. Kindle Gift Cards

Something that unites the best of gym junkies is that we all want to know more and achieve more. The answers to all your questions are in books, and probably on Kindle!

£5+ – Buy Kindle Gift Cards Now



ilu Fitwear

16. Casual Fitwear For All!

A huge range of popular female fit wear from ilu Fitwear is sure be one of the best xmas gifts for female gym junkies! Check out the range and let us know if we were right!

£10+ – Buy ilu Fitwear Here




Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 23.02.11

17. SFN 2015 Early Bird Tickets

If you wanted to get your gym junkie friend an incredible experience for their xmas, look no further than a full weekend of sport, fitness and nutrition at SFN 2015! VIP tickets are packed with benefits that start NOW, such as SFN Membership for 2015! AND save up to £10 with Early Bird benefits!

£17.50-£50 – Buy SFN 2015 Early Bird Tickets Now



personal training level 3

18. Fitness Training Course

A training course is an amazing gift and potential career for your gym junkie friend! Whether you know that they want to be a personal trainer or maybe a kettle bell enthusiast turned instructor, what a great gift! Check out Fitness Training Scotland for a full range of courses available as gifts!

£195+ – Buy a Fitness Training Course Now



Reese Tote Bag

19. High End Fashion Gym Bag

These are featuring in all of the high end fashion female magazines at the moment, and rightly so! Get your gym junkie (with excellent fashion sense) this excellent bag to take to her next session!

£120 – Buy Reese Tote Bag Now



Sports Massage

20. Sports Massage

An essential part of any gym junkies routine is a sports massage, but often it’s hard to get round to doing it! Make it easy for them by getting them their next sports massage as the perfect xmas gift!

£30 upwards




Jordan Fitness Kettlebell

21. Kettlebells

No piece of equipment is more versatile whilst taking up such little room. Jordan Fitness supply a brilliant range starting at just £10!

£10-£136 – Buy Jordan Fitness Kettlebells Now




Tefal Actifry

22. Tefal Actifry

Two levels of healthy cooking levels (one healthy fryer and one cooking plate) making healthy, guilt free food you love all cooked in one plug-in device. Lovely!

£246 – Buy Tefal Actifry Now




Gym Membership

23. Gym Membership

Taking the membership responsibility for a year is a great gift! This gift is best after discussion so you get a membership that they really want! MXP Training Centre in Stirling are allowing anyone who quotes this blog 1 month free when signing up for a 12 month contract!

£35+ – Get Membership Now



Fitness Photo Shoot

24. Book a Photo Shoot

Let your gym junkie show off their hard work (after Christmas dinner) with a photo shoot in the near future! EFN (Elite Fitness Network) allow you to spend under £10 a month to get two photo shoots a year plus a membership card full of fitness benefits!

£8 – Get EFN Membership Now



Ionic Power Band

25. Ionic Power Band

“The premise of the Ionic Balance Band is to emit Negative Ions (anions), Far Infrared Rays and Alpha Waves. These properties are then absorbed by the wearer.” – The new series from Ionic Balance is said to be better than ever!

From £11.98 – Buy Ionic Power Band Now