Exhibitors: 6 Tips And Ideas To Smash Your Exhibition Targets!

How do you hit your targets at an exhibition? How do you offer excellent value to the visitors? How do you get all the attention at an exhibition? How do you smash your sales record at an exhibition? Many companies ask us for a advice over the weekend of SFN Expo, so here are some of our exhibiting tops tips and ideas for smashing your exhibition targets:


1. Find out the Confirmed Speakers/Guests/Celebrities attending the Exhibition in Advance


One company at SFN Expo 2014 reached out to our seminar speakers in advance so they could organise for them to be on their stands after they completed a seminar. This proved to be very effective as traffic was directed towards their stands. Ask the organiser for a list of confirmed seminar speakers and reach out to them prior to the exhibition. Most speakers loved to be associated with brands, so it could be the start of a lasting relationship as well as an effective way to draw attention to your exhibition stand.


2. Get the Expo Shouting about your Exhibition Stand!


Being promoted on social media on the run up to the exhibition, gives you the chance to engage and build rapport with your target audience pre expo. This means your sales and conversions over the weekend will be a lot higher, because the relationship has already begun on a positive note. You pay a lot of money for your stand, so get the exhibition shouting about you and your exhibition stand! Has the expo got any private social media groups or email databases? If so, ask for promotion this allow you to engage with customers and stand out from the crowd. Remember, quality is the focus, not quantity when marketing your business so give them something exciting to work with to maximise your promotion.


3. The Personal Touch


With a large number of companies all targeting the same avatar, how can you be different? The majority of seasoned exhibitors will be running contests for prizes and to capture data. So how can you be unique? Tell your customers you will send out an email in a couple of days after the show, with an exclusive great offer, or a free gift – a seminar, informational PDF, link to a private video. This allows you to continue selling post expo and create loyal customers. Use site’s like Mailchimp or Aweber to track your open rates and build a database of loyal customers.


4. Bring your A­-Team!


If you have models on your stand who interact with the audience, your sales, promo videos/photos and marketing are always going to benefit. Some companies struggle to get models due to the cost of overheads i.e. travel, accommodation and expenses etc. We wanted to resolve this problem so we created a partnership with a fitness agency, Elite Fitness Network, to offer experienced and professional models to all our exhibitors, for excellent brilliant rates! For more details on how we can save you money at SFN Expo 2015, email jamie@sfnexpo.co.uk


5. Be Open and Interactive on your Exhibition Stand


Ensure your stand is welcoming and has a minimum amount of ‘barriers’ between you and your potential customers. Have bright eye catching stands (printed backboards look great are a cost effective way to do this), that will draw people in and consider unconventional layouts that look worthy of exploring and make sure all your staff are welcoming by making regular eye contact and are standing, as sitting will take them away from eye level. So, look at your stand and ask yourself ‘Will this stand out?’ All your staff are there to sell and promote your goods/service so ensure they have sufficient training to hit your goals. Also, keep mobile phones in pockets unless they are for cheeky selfies with customers!


6. Think Outside the Box


Many exhibitors will set up their stand in a conventional way. The space is your platform to not only sell your brand, but it is also a prime opportunity to show some personality. The general public want to connect with you before buying into your products or services, so even if you have selected our smaller stand you can still use imagination and bring it to life.

One exhibition stand has already tapped into what their business is about and has turned it into an interactive zone (this is a small stand too) allowing people the chance to get hands on and proving too hard to walk past, for those with a competitive streak. Bear in mind an interactive stand is a busy stand and once you draw a crowd, it will become a magnet to those who may ordinarily walk past.


Do you want to exhibit at SFN 2015 and benefit from all the above marketing support and more at no extra cost? Simply email jamie@sfnexpo.co.uk for your Exhibiting Brochure and Floor Plan.

Muscle Building Tips – Layne Norton’s Top 5

Muscle building tips can commonly come from someone trained rather than an expert who you can rely on. If you wanted the best sure fire muscle building tips, you couldn’t go to anyone better than Pro natural bodybuilder, pro powerlifting champion and Dr in Nutritional Sciences, Dr Layne Norton!

Muscle Building Tips #1 – Consistency.

It’s not sexy. They won’t put it on the cover of a magazine. It won’t sell supplements. But the number one factor for building a great physique is time investment. You have to put in the time. You aren’t going to get results with the time you didn’t put in. The best people in ANY sport, business, or skill didn’t get there overnight. It took them years and years and years to get there. Don’t expect building muscle to happen fast. You can do a lot of things wrong but if you work really hard for a really long period of time you will get results even if small things aren’t optimal.

Muscle Building Tips #2 – Train hard.

Again, not sexy. But I have seen over and over and over and over again people who say the know about training hard who really train hard sporadically. Very few people train really hard for a very long period of time. We don’t like to train hard. Our bodies do not like to change. So it will make us uncomfortable to prevent change. You must get comfortable with being uncomfortable for building serious muscle.

Muscle Building Tips #3 – Monitor your nutrient intake.

If you don’t know what you are taking in each day for your protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake then you are really not even close to optimizing your results. If you know what you are taking in you can track how your body responds to various adjustments. You can make your body & nutrition your own science experiment and figure out what works better for you for building muscle fast or cutting body fat.

Muscle Building Tips #4 – Don’t train haphazardly.

Your training should be programmed and planned for building muscle. If you are just walking into the gym and saying “ok it’s back day… I think I’ll do T-bar rows and do high reps.” What are you doing? Seriously? Do you think olympic athletes just show up at the track and say “eh, I think I’m just going to wing it today.” Of course not. So why would you not hold yourself to the same standard if you wanted to build muscle. Make sure you are following a program that is properly periodized and appropriate for your level and training status.

Muscle Building Tips #5 – Focus on one goal at a time.

Obviously everyone wants to be muscular and very lean, but I see so many people spin their wheels by restricting calories to try to cut down only to abandon that a few weeks in because they feel bad and weaker. Then a few weeks into building they start feeling a bit fluffier and begin dieting once again, only to repeat this process over and over. Focus on one thing at a time. You’re there to build muscle or to cut body fat – which is it?

7 Best Protein Bakery Recipes On Protein Pow

The most popular protein bakery recipes on Protein Pow are bound to be INCREDIBLE, given that they are the World’s #1 protein bakery website and we’re only picking 7! Just before Anna Sward, the founder of Protein Pow, jets up to Scotland for the Protein Pow Workshops at SFN 2015 (that you can book onto now – limited spaces available), she has put together the 7 BEST Protein Pow Recipes of recent times! Enjoy!


Protein Pow’s Protein Bakery Recipe 7: Twix–inspired Protein Bars

Protein Pow Protein Bakery Protein Twix Bars Recipe

These are dream come true for anyone who loves Protein Pow and protein bakery recipes. Round up the ingredients soon and make them. Why not this weekend? Get the whole family involved and make a bunch of these bars. They’re sweetener-free, gluten-free, and most likely one of the best things to make using protein powders!
Twix Inspired Protein Bars Recipe – Protein Pow Protein Bakery Recipes


Protein Pow’s Protein Bakery Recipe 6: Strawberry Protein Bars

Protein Pow Protein Bakery Protein Strawberry Dessert Recipe

This strawberry protein bar recipe is delicious! These protein bars are the perfect bars to make in the summer, when strawberries are in their prime. They’re especially delicious if you keep them in the fridge and enjoy them cold after good workout!
Strawberry Protein Bars – Protein Pow Protein Bakery Recipes


Protein Pow’s Protein Bakery Recipe 5: Dark Chocolate Protein Truffles

Protein Pow Protein Bakery Protein Chocolate Balls Recipe

No wonder this protein bakery recipe is a favourite amongst Protein Pow fans! ‘Tasty’ doesn’t cut it. ‘Delicious’ doesn’t even get close. It’s words like ‘luxurious’, ‘legendary’ and ‘epic’ that best approximate what these protein truffles are like. Even then though, those words do nothing to convey the pleasure that these protein truffles deliver. Only one thing can, and that’s you making them.


Dark Chocolate Protein Truffles – Protein Pow Protein Bakery Recipes



Protein Pow’s Protein Bakery Recipe 4: Orange & Vanilla Protein Pancakes (Gluten-Free)

Protein Pow Protein Bakery Protein Pancakes Recipe

Something about the vanilla, orange, and almonds just makes my heart go boom boom – and I think it will yours too, with this awesome Protein Pow classic protein bakery recipe!


Orange & Vanilla Protein Pancakes – Protein Pow Protein Bakery Recipes


Protein Pow’s Protein Bakery Recipe 3: Blackberry Protein Fluff

Protein Pow Protein Bakery Protein Mousse Recipe

It’s a question I get a lot: “Anna, what IS protein FLUFF?” If you’ve never had it, it’s actually hard to describe it. “Protein Fluff is like… cloud!” I always say, “It’s like eating light, airy, and fluffy heaven!” – Check out this Protein Pow recipe for yourself and let me know what you think!


Blackberry Protein Fluff – Protein Pow Protein Bakery Recipes


Protein Pow’s Protein Bakery Recipe 2: Protein Lava Cake: Enter Twilight Pow Zone

Protein Pow Protein Bakery Protein Chocolate Cake Recipe

Nothing says love like chocolate cake. Show your swole-mate how you really feel with this protein lava cake recipe from Protein Pow!
Protein Chocolate Lava Cake – Protein Pow Protein Bakery Recipes


Protein Pow’s Protein Bakery Recipe 1: Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Protein Balls

Protein Pow Protein Bakery Protein Balls Recipe

The most popular Protein Pow Recipe of recent times – Protein balls (or ‘truffles’ if you find the word ‘balls’ objectionable) are a great snack. They feature great macros and they’re nicely bite-sized so you can stick them in a tupperware and take them with you on a day out, to work, to school, to the gym, etc


Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Protein Balls – Protein Pow Protein Bakery Recipe


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