Muscle Building Tips – Layne Norton’s Top 5

Muscle building tips can commonly come from someone trained rather than an expert who you can rely on. If you wanted the best sure fire muscle building tips, you couldn’t go to anyone better than Pro natural bodybuilder, pro powerlifting champion and Dr in Nutritional Sciences, Dr Layne Norton!

Muscle Building Tips #1 – Consistency.

It’s not sexy. They won’t put it on the cover of a magazine. It won’t sell supplements. But the number one factor for building a great physique is time investment. You have to put in the time. You aren’t going to get results with the time you didn’t put in. The best people in ANY sport, business, or skill didn’t get there overnight. It took them years and years and years to get there. Don’t expect building muscle to happen fast. You can do a lot of things wrong but if you work really hard for a really long period of time you will get results even if small things aren’t optimal.

Muscle Building Tips #2 – Train hard.

Again, not sexy. But I have seen over and over and over and over again people who say the know about training hard who really train hard sporadically. Very few people train really hard for a very long period of time. We don’t like to train hard. Our bodies do not like to change. So it will make us uncomfortable to prevent change. You must get comfortable with being uncomfortable for building serious muscle.

Muscle Building Tips #3 – Monitor your nutrient intake.

If you don’t know what you are taking in each day for your protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake then you are really not even close to optimizing your results. If you know what you are taking in you can track how your body responds to various adjustments. You can make your body & nutrition your own science experiment and figure out what works better for you for building muscle fast or cutting body fat.

Muscle Building Tips #4 – Don’t train haphazardly.

Your training should be programmed and planned for building muscle. If you are just walking into the gym and saying “ok it’s back day… I think I’ll do T-bar rows and do high reps.” What are you doing? Seriously? Do you think olympic athletes just show up at the track and say “eh, I think I’m just going to wing it today.” Of course not. So why would you not hold yourself to the same standard if you wanted to build muscle. Make sure you are following a program that is properly periodized and appropriate for your level and training status.

Muscle Building Tips #5 – Focus on one goal at a time.

Obviously everyone wants to be muscular and very lean, but I see so many people spin their wheels by restricting calories to try to cut down only to abandon that a few weeks in because they feel bad and weaker. Then a few weeks into building they start feeling a bit fluffier and begin dieting once again, only to repeat this process over and over. Focus on one thing at a time. You’re there to build muscle or to cut body fat – which is it?

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