Lucy Doyle: 20 Things I Would Tell My Newbie Self

  1. Having abs will not complete you as a person.
  2. You won’t always feel pumped after a gym session.
  3. Most women’s tummies hang a little when they get into a plank, its normal.
  4. No matter the expression on other women’s faces, they will be struggling just as much holding plank position; they’ve just managed to smile better than you.
  5. Egg whites will never taste delicious, regardless of what you make with them.
  6. You are not the only one pretending to adore dark chocolate.
  7. Just because everyone raves about peanut butter in the fitness world, it does not mean you can eat as much of it as you want.
  8. Compression clothing. Invest.
  9. However, never wear a sports bra too tight to the gym. It always ends in awkward moments in the changing rooms.
  10.   Be mindful of what you hashtag, it will come back to haunt  you #cleaneating #fitfam
  11.   Every fitspo you follow carries their own problems.  Their lives are not perfect no matter how it looks on social media.
  12.   Do not wear grey leggings to the gym. You will regret it.
  13. Pullups are hard. Period.
  14. If you do miss the gym for just one week, you will feel like a complete newbie when you return. Get over it, the feeling passes in just one session.
  15. Do not get your goals confused with others; stick with what is important to you.
  16. Buy supplements one at a time, no matter how over excited you get or how much you get in your paid that month.
  17. Be kind and smile at other women during exercise, they are just as nervous as you.
  18. You haven’t got to get sponsored to have achieved something.
  19. Your goals and dreams will change; don’t be afraid to change with them.
  20. No matter what people say you have not got to “go hard or go home” and neither do you have to get your “ass to grass”. Who does squats on grass anyway?

Till next time,

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2 comments on “Lucy Doyle: 20 Things I Would Tell My Newbie Self”
  1. Georgie

    Thank you Lucy, I have thought about just about everything on your list. You have made me feel normal and that I can get on with what ever I do without feeling as conscious about things. I love the humour you add. Great Blog.

  2. Sarah Urquhart

    Haha, love 20!

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