Transformation’s of the Year 2015: Gabriella Waller

Meet Gabriella Waller, 26, from Basingstoke, England and this is her amazing transformation story!

Before Gabriella’s Transformation

Before my transformation I felt really miserable, and could not find anything what would me me happy. I used to play professional handball back in Hungary, but when I moved to England 4.5 years ago I had to give that up because I haven’t found any team near by.

I found happiness in food and eating a lot every day and night. Slowly I have started to put on weight and had to buy bigger and bigger clothes. I started from a size 10-12 to a size 18. Food made me happy andI didn’t care about how I look.

Gabriella Waller Transformation Story

Gabriella’s Amazing Transformation Story

At the beginning of 2015 one day I was sorting my clothes out and found an old pair of jeans, size 12. I got completely shocked and couldn’t stop crying. That was the point when I realised that I got huge. My friends and family tried to tell me that i got bigger but I never really believed them.

I have started to watch workout  videos on youtube because I kew that I have to do something about myself. Also started to go for  a longer walks and slow jogs around the pond near by. I haven’t signed up to the gym because I felt completely ashamed about my look and was scared that other people going to stare me at the gym.

Around April-May time I have signed up for the local gym. They have a ladies only section and thats where I started to go slowly. I have downloaded a workout app to my phone and did that plan. I have started to lose weight slowly but steadily.

Also I changed my diet completely. I having 5-6 small meals a day and I make sure that I have enough protein in my diet and less sugary and ready made foods.

In January I took a photo about myself and every other month I did a new one. When I feel a bit let down or lazy I just open the “before” photo on my phone and I see where did I start. This reminds me that I never ever want to be back there.

Also I love taking lots of photos about my meals and workouts and share it on Instagram. This keeps me motivated because I can see all the love and motivation I get from completely strangers.

I’m not at the end yet. I have started to attend pro wrestling classes a few months ago and one of my goal is to debut as a pro wrestler. But for that I have to be healthy and I have to be the best shape in my life. This keeps me going. But I know for sure when I will reach that goal I will set other ones. But firstly I want to be the best pro wrestler I can be. Also I do love healthy eating and working out. Hopefully one day I can give advise to other people about healthy weight loss and tips about working out.

My transformation made me feel really good. I have an incredible amount of energy and I fell better in my skin. My friends and family told me that they have never seen this happy before.

Gabriella’s Advice For You & Your Transformation

I always read lots of transformation stories and thought that its the easiest thing in the world . But its not.

I’m really proud that my old self was capable to change. Committed myself to a new routine and new lifestyle. Without that dedication and fight I would be  here today.

Everybody is capable to transform . It won’t be easy but with lots of small steps its achievable. And when you are off track after a crazy weekend you still can continue the route on the next day.  One bad day won’t ruin anybodies journey.

My favourite motivational quote is : “ What happened yesterday no longer matters. Today is an other day so get on track and move closer to your dreams and goals.”

If I could do it you are capable to do it as well.

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  1. Jennifer underwood

    Love this! I’m going to be featured this month too in Sfn transformations so I’ve been reading all the stories.
    So much of your story reasonates with me and I couldn’t believe it when you said you’d started pro wrestling as I have just recently started this (only three classes so far!) Best of luck to you and keep going 🙂

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