10 Most Mouth Watering Protein Pow Recipes EVER

We love Protein Pow. Last year, at SFN EXPO 2015, founder Anna Sward took Protein Pow Workshops to Scotland and we SOLD OUT rapidly!

This year Anna is back with the same amount of spaces available (only 6 x 24 spaces!) – we have to keep them small because that’s what makes them so amazing!

The private booking link will be sent exclusively to SFN EXPO 2016 ticket holders, so get your SFN EXPO 2016 ticket to receive the email for private access.

IF you’re an early bird and want to book on the 9:30am classes, you’ll need a VIP ticket for the 9am early entry!

Best Protein Pow Recipes EVER #1: Melting Heart Protein Brownies

Best Protein Pow Recipes Chocolate BrowniesI kid you not – these are actually good for you. Macros per brownie (out of the 8 you get from the Protein Pow recipe): 202kcals, 12g protein, 15g carbs (out of which 10g is fiber!), 8g fat.

Indulge in the Melting Heart Protein Brownies now!


Best Protein Pow Recipes EVER #2: Pumpkin Protein Pancakes & Vanilla Ice Cream

Best Protein Pow Recipes EVER PUMPKIN PROTEIN PANCAKES copyWe literally stopped writing this blog and made these. WOW! And guess what, they fit your macros ‘BRO’.

Macros per 1/2 stack of pancakes with 1/4 of whey hey and 10g of dark chocolate: 300kcals, 31g protein, 26g carbs, 5g fat!

Indulge in Pumpkin Protein Pancakes and Vanilla Ice Cream now!


Best Protein Pow Recipes EVER #3: Spicy Chicken Protein Pizza

Best Protein Pow Recipes Ever Protein Pizza RecipePizza, pizza, pizza, all up in my belly, yum, yum, yum! It’s the bread that’s the bad part though, right? DOUBT IT!

Macros for the crust (without the toppings as these are up to you):  252kcals, 28g protein, 17g carbs (out of which 6g is fiber!) and 5g fat.

Indulge in Spicy Chicken Protein Pizza Recipe now!


Best Protein Pow Recipes EVER #4: Dark Chocolate Protein Truffles

Best Pritein Pow Recipes Ever Dark Chocolate Protein TrufflesThese were made in the SFN EXPO 2015 Protein Pow classes and we took a bucket load back to SFN HQ to celebrate the show! Have you ever tasted heaven? You might want to try these babies!

Macros per truffle (minues the cocoa as that’s optional but either way rather insignificant, macro-wise) are the same as they are for the Powtella, i.e. 123kcals, 6g carbs, 6g protein, 8g fat.

Indulge in Dark Chocolate Protein Truffle Recipe now!


Best Protein Pow Recipes EVER #5: Almond & Dark Chocolate Protein Chocolates

Best Protein Pow Recipes Ever Protein Chocolates

Like a few chocolates with your cup of tea/coffee? These are absolute wee gems. Can’t get enough of them!

Per 1 out of 24, using Sukrin Gold: 67kcals, 3.5g carbs, 4.9.g fat and 2.3g protein (2.3g protein per chocolate!!)

Treat yo’ self to some Almond and Dark Chocolate Protein Chocolates now!


Best Protein Pow Recipes EVER #6: Double Dark Chocolate & Nut Protein Bars


These are so incredible super delicious, I can’t believe their macros add up!

Macros per bar (out of the five you get from the mix above, using protein almond butter): 204.5kcals, 17.8g carbs (out of which 3.5g is fiber!), 10.7g protein, 11.5g fat (mostly from les nut buttah!)

Treat yourself to some double dark chocolate & nut protein bars now!


Best Protein Pow Recipes EVER #7: Double Chocolate Layered Protein Cake

Best Protein Pow Recipes Ever Double Chocolate Layered Protein CakeThis protein cake recipe is bloody delicious. Like, mind-blowing good!

Macros per 1/2 cake with frosting, out of 4 cakes: 231kcals, 13.5g protein, 17.5g carbs, 15g fat.

Indulge in Double Chocolate Layered Protein Cake now!


Best Protein Pow Recipes EVER #8: Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes


Partly because we love pancakes. Partly because they’re so blooming simple!

Treat yourself to Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes now!


Best Protein Pow Recipes EVER #9: Five Ingredient Protein Pow Raw Protein Brownies

Most Mouth Watering Protein Pow Recipes Ever

5 ingredients and 1 incredible end products for all you RAW lovers out there!

Macros per square (out of the 8 small ones you get from the mix above): 92kcals, 9.6g carbs (out of which 1.5g is fiber!), 4.1g protein and 4.4g fat.

Treat yourself to Five Ingredient Protein Pow Raw Protein Brownies now!


Best Protein Pow Recipes EVER #10: Shortbread Protein Cookies

Best Protein Bakery Recipes Ever

Crumbly amazingness has just gone to the next level! These babies are glorious!

Macros per cookie (out of the six you get from the mix above): 142kcals, 10.2g carbs (out of which 1.2g is fiber), 4.3g protein, and 10g fat!

Treat yourself to Shortbread Protein Cookies now!


Protein Pow Classes at SFN EXPO 2016 – How To Book

Best Protein Bakery Recipes Ever Protein Pow SFN EXPO

We have 3 x 2 hour classes per day, with only 24 spaces per class! These are SUPER popular and SOLD OUT rapidly last time with a lot of sad faces because they didn’t book straight away!

Booking opens in less than two weeks and the private link will be sent to anyone who has bought a ticket for the show already, with 24 hour private access to the booking link before public! How to book:

  1. Secure your SFN EXPO ticket now (any ticket type)
  2. You’ll receive an email (the email address you used to buy your ticket) in the next few days with exclusive 24 access before the public to book your class!
  3. Early bird? The 9:30 classes are for VIP’s only and come at a discounted rate, because you’re a V.I.P!

Spaces are strictly limited to 6 classes of only 24 people, so out of the 10,000+ expected attendance, you better be QUICK! Tickets here now!

5 Key Points For Developing An Olympia Worthy Physique – Neil Hill

The guys at SFN EXPO have asked me to create an article, covering 5 key points to developing an “Olympia worthy physique.”

The scope of this content should really highlight to you the importance of doing certain things on a consistent basis to grow your physique. Not everybody has the genetics to become an IFBB Pro, or a Mr. Olympia but we ALL have the ability to develop a great physique and ultimately become the best version of ourselves which is all anybody can ask for.

Here’s a no BS, honest outline of what you need to do in order to push your physique to the next level.

Developing An Olympia Worthy Physique: Nutrition

In an industry where there are so many options, protocols and supplements on offer I find it really frustrating when people aren’t consistent with their diet first! Your nutrition is the absolute foundation to your results. It facilitates recovery, growth, energy output and everything else which is imperative to developing that physique you’re after. If you can’t commit to your diet then forget achieving your results.

Here are my nutritional fundamentals for you.

1. High meal frequency is a must, you’re going to maximise muscle protein synthesis (MPS) by eating protein rich food every 2-4 hours which will boost recovery and growth. This will also help create an environment where energy levels are stable, which leads to better performance in the gym. Finally, you’re insulin sensitivity is also going to benefit from this which again facilities with fat loss and anabolism. Don’t skip meals!!

2. Gut health is crucial and something far too many people in the bodybuilding world over look! High protein diets by nature are very acidic, therefore you need to ensure you’re eating enough vegetables to help maintain a healthy gut. Adding in pre-biotics, pro-biotics and digestive enzymes will also aid gut health. In order to assimilate and absorb all of the nutrients you eat you must have healthy gut function otherwise everything else is compromised.

3. Talking of protein intake, everyone is different however somewhere between 1-2g of protein per pound of lean body weight is where most people will need to be in order to build muscle in the off season and retain muscle going into prep. Make sure you have at least 4-5 different sources of protein in your diet to ensure you get a varied range of amino acids and more importantly you don’t develop an intolerance. So many people eat the same s*** every day which leads to gut issues.

4. Fats are an essential nutrient to the body scientifically speaking, alongside protein. Therefore you should NOT be excluding them from your diet at all. Aim for omega 3 based fats primarily to help with hormonal output, insulin sensitivity and joint health.

5. Whilst everybody’s carb tolerances vary do not avoid carbs because you’re going to really struggle to build quality muscle, perform well in the gym and burn fat as you’re metabolic rate suffers. So many people are afraid of carbs when they really don’t need to be, if you’re getting too fat this will be down to overall calorie intake ultimately.

Those are the corner stones of your nutrition briefly covered.

Developing An Olympia Worthy Physique: Training

Whilst nutrition is the essential foundation to your results, training provides the stimulation required to develop new muscle tissue which ultimately leads to the visual change in your appearance. Like nutrition, training is often over looked and people tend to end up going through the motions, missing many important factors which can really accelerate their progress.

My Y3T training programme is the ultimate approach to training as it comprehensively covers every single aspect of physiology to ensure you’re getting the very most out of your body in the gym.

It combines low, moderate and high rep ranges over a 3 week cycle whilst rotating the training volume and intensity levels. By doing this you’re ensuring that you hit every single muscle fibre within the body. Most plans only hit one type (out of 3) of muscle fibre, which may only account for half of your overall muscle mass at best. As a result, you’re failing to stimulate all of the other muscle fibres which means you’re not maximising your hypertrophy potential.

Rotating your rep ranges on a cyclical basis (rather than all in one workout) you’re also going to allow your joints to recover better as well as your CNS. CNS recovery is essential and often over looked for building muscle, as its this network which dictates muscle fibre recruitment as its stimulated (via different motor units!). If you don’t focus on CNS recovery with an intelligent approach to training you’ll fail to progress.

Finally, the inclusion of moderate and high rep ranges really helps create that finer detail and separation within the muscles which as a bodybuilder you want. Mass is great, but the quality and overall appearance of it matters just as much! Never forget that.

Neil Hill Seminar Scotland

Developing An Olympia Worthy Physique: Condition

I’m just talking about condition on stage or even during your prep. I’m talking about your year round shape which so many people neglect which is why they struggle to really make that next level, here’s why. There is NO sense in getting fat in the off season for the sake of weight because your insulin sensitivity is going to suffer which makes it more difficult for the body to utilise carbohydrates for recovery and growth. It also increases your oestrogen levels!! Year round my athletes stay in good condition in order to focus on adding quality muscle, rather than unwanted fat which at the end of the day has to come back off for show prep. If you’re too fat at the start of your show prep, you’r going to suffer more going into that show and more importantly, as you push harder to drop the fat you’re going to risk losing too much muscle.

My athletes are known for their crazy conditioning on stage and that’s something I always insist on, on a bodybuilding stage razor sharp conditioning is so important.

Developing An Olympia Worthy Physique: 3 Dimensional

Everybody has strong and weak muscle groups, your focus really should be on making your weak muscle groups catch your better groups. Don’t think because you have a set of great arms that’s enough, it’s the total package which we are looking to present on stage. Train your weak muscle groups even harder, make them your priority and be smarter with your training. My using a 3 dimensional approach to your training, such as Y3T, you will ultimately create a more 3D physique.

Developing An Olympia Worthy Physique: Waistline

I’m a big believer and fan of keeping your waistline as tight as possible. That classic look it’s so pleasing to me and ultimately having a small, flat waistline really exaggerates your mass and v-taper which is all apart of the illusion you want to bring to the stage. So many people cause their guts to really distend with huge calorie intakes in the off season (often more than they need) along with gut health issues, which again are avoidable with a smarter approach to eating.

There’s a brief insight into my beliefs on developing a great physique going forward.

If you want more information for free on a daily basis, you can sign up @ Y3TDisciple.com for my free daily emails.

Neil Hill

How to Effectively Engage With Your Customers

Anna Sward (Founder of Protein Pow) had one of the most engaging stands at SFN EXPO 2015. Due to the great feedback we received from customers, we asked Anna to write this blog on how to effectively engage with your customers at an exhibition.

1. What’s your biggest tip for engaging with customers?

Be friendly and sure that everyone at the stand is welcoming because that’s the thing with these events – if people at the stand don’t look welcoming, no one will want to come over. Make sure that your stand looks fun and engaging – not just a row of supplements that people come up to, take, and walk away from. Consider adding an element of interaction to your stand too – i.e. competitions, giveaways, sign-ups for samples, etc.

2. What is the biggest mistake you have seen and why?

Loud music which doesn’t allow people to actually interact with people at the stands! Also, giving away a sample without ANY call to action or any request for feedback/engagement.

3. How would you design your stand to make it engaging?

Make it stand out, stay on brand, make it something people want to stop at and learn more about.

4. How would you use social media to engage with people on the run up to the expo?

Run competitions, post engaging content, and consider doing things like treasure hunts!

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Lucy Goes (Non) Vegan – Week 5

Serves me right really.  When I first suggested me setting myself these challenges in our Sisterhood group I secretly thought it would be a great opportunity to shed a few excess pounds.

Oh boy, that didn’t go to plan.

It made me realise that I wanted to talk about this whole “always wanting” that many of us experience.  When I was over weight, all I wanted was to be thin and yet once I reached “thin” all I wanted was to be defined. Yet of course reaching my personal peak of defined, I could not maintain it and this was before I had even learnt there was this on and off season that people in the fitness world talk about.

My exercise eased off and everything softened slightly and I felt chubby again. And so the cycle started again, I just wanted to be thiner, lighter and feminine and I struggled, gained weight and was heavier again.

Now all I crave is being at a comfortable level. No on or off season, no competition ready abs.  I just want to be comfortable and having suffered previous injuries, my ideal now looks so different to what I have wanted through the last 5 years.

So is that happy spot fixed or fixable?

Can we honestly be content and feel “good enough” just by keeping fit without the goal to compete? Looking well without being pushed to be media’s “beach body ready” and just eating a balanced diet, without following a named diet or approach?

Back to this week and you may or may not be surprised to read that I decided to take a week long break.  The vegan experience had created a snowball effect with my emotions and I wont deny that I literally ate what I wanted, when I wanted and in whatever quantity I wanted.

Surprisingly I did not throw myself into the nearest butchers or cook myself a pile of sausages or bacon butties.  In fact I was not bothered at all about re-acquainting myself with meat, I was too busy working my way through dairy products. Butter, milk, cream and cheese – oh god how I missed cheese!

This blog should have been titled Lucy Goes Nuts or This is What Rebounding from a Diet is Like.

Edging onto the scales at the end of the week, I have to admit I was not ready for what I was about to see. I want to add (and this really isn’t an excuse ) that this was my first week back in the gym after a 12 week recovery from surgery.  Whenever I have more than a few weeks break from the gym I tend to put on a kilo or two that drops off again as its probably just fluid retention.

Anyhow, my weight has still crept up, which is quite unusual for me. I mostly hover around 57/58kg and it isn’t weight that is sitting too comfortable either, not like the small gains I sometimes make when training hard.


Nevertheless I am thrilled to be back in the gym.  After that initial first visit, where you feel like a complete beginner, awkward and self conscious, I have begun to settle back into a routine.

Suddenly I am excited about the next challenge!

It was supposed to be flexible dieting (also called IIFYM If It Fits Your Macros) but my appetite is literally outta control and having been obese previously, I want to heed my personal warning signs that I need to get my sh*t together.

So IF it is. No I mean I.F, as in intermittent fasting.  Hailed as one of the many trendy ways to drop body fat, I actually happen to agree from past experience.  However what I love it for most is that it seems to kerb my appetite really well and without feeling like I am actually eating less.

My week of freedom has come to an end, but I am definitely looking forward to the next four weeks!

Oh and when I said I did not rush to eat meat, I may have fibbed a little….

Lucy Goes Vegan

This gorgeous burger was made with Kezie Meats Wagyu Beef Burgers bought from Iceland #PowerOfFrozen and if you are interested in the recipe head to my Facebook page www.facebook.com/lucycdoyle

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Lucy Goes Vegan – Week 4

Week Four was, how can I put it, HARD.

So hard in fact it took 2 weeks just to write this blog and even as I type I am rather unsure what to write.

There is absolutely no denying that I found going vegan hard and I knew this would be the case even before I started.  Enjoying a selection of vegan meals is one thing, committing to a full vegan lifestyle is another entirely and its one that by week three I began to resent.

I love having choice and it felt like that diminished rapidly as did my energy levels and mood. But hey, at least the scales would prove a positive, or not…

Lucy Doyle Goes Vegan

Now I am pretty sure just the few days in Disney did not achieve the above figures by themselves, but had my peanut butter and banana and rice cakes addiction got out of control??

I just want it to be over if I am honest and I feel bad that I have not adorned this blog post with images of beautifully presented vegan creations, however honesty is what I started with and honesty is what I will finish with.  At least that is one thing I can take away from this experience!

Don’t get me wrong, if I had a chef that prepared all my meals, who ensured I met all my micro nutrients, then I would happily consider a plant based diet – but reality check, that is not going to happen any time soon.

A plant based diet for ethical reasons? Absolutely

A plant based diet for health reasons ? Hmmm I am undecided and would say that I would want to look further into that.

A plant based diet for weight loss ? Absolutely not.

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OFFICIAL: Phil Learney Returns To SFN EXPO 2016 After HUGE Requests

Phil Learney was requested by you since before the first SFN EXPO in 2014. Phil came to SFN EXPO 2015 and presented in style, with a HUGE response during the event and in the feedback survey post-SFN EXPO 2015!



So it’s only fitting that he returns for the HUGE SFN EXPO 2016, in the arena DOUBLE the size and to present TWO seminars rather than one!

Keep an eye out for Phil popping up with hints, tips and snippets of advice on our social media platforms:

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