Why You SHOULDN’T Be On A Diet [VIDEO] – Ben Coomber

There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t be on a diet, and Ben Coomber sums them up in this two-minute video.

This may just be the realisation you need to stop you chasing the next FAD diet and focussing on the lifestyle changes needed to provide you with the physique, health and happiness you REALLY want!

Why You SHOULDN’T Be On A Diet – Ben Coomber’s Tips [VIDEO]

Ben Coomber at SFN EXPO 2016 – Seminars

Ben Coomber is one of our headliners, as he has been for the past 2 years also! He’ll be speaking BOTH days on different topics, so weekend tickets are advised.

25 Reasons Why You’re NOT Losing Weight

This is the topic that Ben will be covering on Sunday on the Main Stage and has EVERYONE talking!

In just ONE hour, you’ll have 25 take home points that you can action to help you drop body fat and lose weight.

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