Jamie Alderton Confirms For SFN EXPO 2016

Jamie Alderton, founder of GrenadeFit will be at SFN EXPO 2016 after thousands of requests through feedback forms, social media and the website.

We’re especially excited about his involvement in the HUGE “Ask The Experts” Q+A session on the main stage on the Sunday of the show. A panel of fitness experts answering your numerous questions, whether it’s fitness, nutrition, performance or even business related if you’re a personal trainer.

Jamie Alderton Confirmed For SFN EXPO 2016

Jamie Alderton SFN EXPO 2016

Jamie Alderton – What’s On?


Jamie will be at SFN EXPO 2016 on the Sunday, meeting his fans, offering advice and sitting on the panel for “Ask The Experts” at SFN EXPO 2016’s main stage.

This is a new hour at the show, where we bring the experts from different parts of fitness, nutrition, performance and even business (if you’re a FitPro) so you can ask ANYTHING or you can sit back and absorb all the groundbreaking alice!


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