Exhibiting at SFN EXPO 2017

Exhibit at SFN EXPO 2017 | Exhibitor Testimonial #1 | Oatein

Exhibit at SFN EXPO 2017 | Exhibitor Testimonial #1 | USN

SFN EXPO Exhibitor Testimonials

SFN EXPO Partner With QD Events

After a successful 3rd show, SFN EXPO 2016 has partnered with events company, QD Events, with the aim to accelerate the growth of the show in the coming years.

QD Events hold many of Scotland and the SECC’s biggest events, such as The Scottish Wedding Shows, the Scottish Caravan, Motorhome & Holiday Home Show and IRN-BRU Carnival, attracting audiences ranging from 2,000-165,000 per show.


Co-founder of SFN EXPO, Neil Maclean said: 

Jamie and I built SFN EXPO based on our passion for sport, fitness and nutrition, but with very little experience in running events. QD Events have years of experience in creating the biggest shows in Scotland and it’s incredible to have their team investing time and money into the growth of this event.

Partnering with QD Events and the SECC also gives SFN EXPO access to an incredible amount of marketing resources which will take SFN EXPO’s previously limited marketing reach to a new level across Scotland and throughout the UK.


MD of QD Events, Fran McIntyre, said:

Partnering with SFN EXPO is something we’ve been keen to do since we saw them launch in 2014. We’ve watched Neil and Jamie build a really exciting product and are keen to support them and their audience in building SFN Expo in size, audience, content and marketing reach.

SFN EXPO 2017 Exhibiting

What’s Next For SFN EXPO 2017?

With the new partnership comes rapid expansion to 10,000sqm, a new plan to create better visitor flow between live events and exhibitors, and investment in to marketing the show online and offline throughout the UK.

To receive the new SFN EXPO 2017 floor plan and 2017 Exhibitor Brochure now, please email neil@sfnexpo.co.uk.