Jamie Alderton Confirms For SFN EXPO 2016

Jamie Alderton, founder of GrenadeFit will be at SFN EXPO 2016 after thousands of requests through feedback forms, social media and the website.

We’re especially excited about his involvement in the HUGE “Ask The Experts” Q+A session on the main stage on the Sunday of the show. A panel of fitness experts answering your numerous questions, whether it’s fitness, nutrition, performance or even business related if you’re a personal trainer.

Jamie Alderton Confirmed For SFN EXPO 2016

Jamie Alderton SFN EXPO 2016

Jamie Alderton – What’s On?


Jamie will be at SFN EXPO 2016 on the Sunday, meeting his fans, offering advice and sitting on the panel for “Ask The Experts” at SFN EXPO 2016’s main stage.

This is a new hour at the show, where we bring the experts from different parts of fitness, nutrition, performance and even business (if you’re a FitPro) so you can ask ANYTHING or you can sit back and absorb all the groundbreaking alice!


Eddie Hall Confirms For SFN EXPO 2016

Eddie Hall, the numerous time UK’s Strongest Man, World Record Deadlift Holder, 4th Strongest Man on the planet… is to Glasgow to see you at SFN EXPO 2016!

Eddie Hall SFN EXPO 2016 Promo Video


Eddie Hall – What’s On?

Eddie will not only be at SFN EXPO on Sunday, but more specifically be hosting a special meet & greet session with VIP’s in the NEW VIP Area, to guarantee that you get to meet Eddie personally!

Up NEXT is his Deadlift Workshop in the Origin Fitness Demo Area! Learn how he lifts more than any other man has in history!

VIP Meet & Greet sessions at SFN EXPO 2016

With 3 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday!  Stay tuned for more announcements on who the other 5 will be on social media first – search for @sfnexpo on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter now!

But DON’T hang around as VIP Saturday’s and VIP Weekend tickets have sold out EVERY year – and with a completely different scale of VIP experience this year and a completely different show experience in general, you certainly won’t want to miss either day at SFN EXPO 2016!


Michelle Lewin Confirms For SFN EXPO 2016

Michelle Lewin, possibly the biggest name in fitness, has confirmed that she’ll be flying from Miami to Glasgow to see you at SFN EXPO 2016!

If you’re one of Michelle’s 8.5 MILLION Facebook followers, then you’ll know that the incredibly inspirational Michelle Lewin has NEVER been to Scotland but is desperate to meet you all this year at the SFN EXPO 2016!

Michelle Lewin Scotland Michelle Lewin UK

Michelle Lewin at SFN EXPO 2016 – Whats on?

Michelle will not only be at SFN EXPO on Saturday, but more specifically be hosting a 3 HOUR meet & greet session with VIP’s in the NEW VIP Area, to guarantee that you get to meet Michelle Personally!

VIP Meet & Greet Schedule at SFN EXPO 2016

Michelle is just ONE of SIX VIP Meet & Greet sessions at SFN EXPO 2016, with 3 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday!  Stay tuned for more announcements on who the other 5 will be on social media first – search for @sfnexpo on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter now!

But DON’T hang around as VIP Saturday’s and VIP Weekend tickets have sold out EVERY year – and with a completely different scale of VIP experience this year and a completely different show experience in general, you certainly won’t want to miss either day at SFN EXPO 2016!


5 Key Points For Developing An Olympia Worthy Physique – Neil Hill

The guys at SFN EXPO have asked me to create an article, covering 5 key points to developing an “Olympia worthy physique.”

The scope of this content should really highlight to you the importance of doing certain things on a consistent basis to grow your physique. Not everybody has the genetics to become an IFBB Pro, or a Mr. Olympia but we ALL have the ability to develop a great physique and ultimately become the best version of ourselves which is all anybody can ask for.

Here’s a no BS, honest outline of what you need to do in order to push your physique to the next level.

Developing An Olympia Worthy Physique: Nutrition

In an industry where there are so many options, protocols and supplements on offer I find it really frustrating when people aren’t consistent with their diet first! Your nutrition is the absolute foundation to your results. It facilitates recovery, growth, energy output and everything else which is imperative to developing that physique you’re after. If you can’t commit to your diet then forget achieving your results.

Here are my nutritional fundamentals for you.

1. High meal frequency is a must, you’re going to maximise muscle protein synthesis (MPS) by eating protein rich food every 2-4 hours which will boost recovery and growth. This will also help create an environment where energy levels are stable, which leads to better performance in the gym. Finally, you’re insulin sensitivity is also going to benefit from this which again facilities with fat loss and anabolism. Don’t skip meals!!

2. Gut health is crucial and something far too many people in the bodybuilding world over look! High protein diets by nature are very acidic, therefore you need to ensure you’re eating enough vegetables to help maintain a healthy gut. Adding in pre-biotics, pro-biotics and digestive enzymes will also aid gut health. In order to assimilate and absorb all of the nutrients you eat you must have healthy gut function otherwise everything else is compromised.

3. Talking of protein intake, everyone is different however somewhere between 1-2g of protein per pound of lean body weight is where most people will need to be in order to build muscle in the off season and retain muscle going into prep. Make sure you have at least 4-5 different sources of protein in your diet to ensure you get a varied range of amino acids and more importantly you don’t develop an intolerance. So many people eat the same s*** every day which leads to gut issues.

4. Fats are an essential nutrient to the body scientifically speaking, alongside protein. Therefore you should NOT be excluding them from your diet at all. Aim for omega 3 based fats primarily to help with hormonal output, insulin sensitivity and joint health.

5. Whilst everybody’s carb tolerances vary do not avoid carbs because you’re going to really struggle to build quality muscle, perform well in the gym and burn fat as you’re metabolic rate suffers. So many people are afraid of carbs when they really don’t need to be, if you’re getting too fat this will be down to overall calorie intake ultimately.

Those are the corner stones of your nutrition briefly covered.

Developing An Olympia Worthy Physique: Training

Whilst nutrition is the essential foundation to your results, training provides the stimulation required to develop new muscle tissue which ultimately leads to the visual change in your appearance. Like nutrition, training is often over looked and people tend to end up going through the motions, missing many important factors which can really accelerate their progress.

My Y3T training programme is the ultimate approach to training as it comprehensively covers every single aspect of physiology to ensure you’re getting the very most out of your body in the gym.

It combines low, moderate and high rep ranges over a 3 week cycle whilst rotating the training volume and intensity levels. By doing this you’re ensuring that you hit every single muscle fibre within the body. Most plans only hit one type (out of 3) of muscle fibre, which may only account for half of your overall muscle mass at best. As a result, you’re failing to stimulate all of the other muscle fibres which means you’re not maximising your hypertrophy potential.

Rotating your rep ranges on a cyclical basis (rather than all in one workout) you’re also going to allow your joints to recover better as well as your CNS. CNS recovery is essential and often over looked for building muscle, as its this network which dictates muscle fibre recruitment as its stimulated (via different motor units!). If you don’t focus on CNS recovery with an intelligent approach to training you’ll fail to progress.

Finally, the inclusion of moderate and high rep ranges really helps create that finer detail and separation within the muscles which as a bodybuilder you want. Mass is great, but the quality and overall appearance of it matters just as much! Never forget that.

Neil Hill Seminar Scotland

Developing An Olympia Worthy Physique: Condition

I’m just talking about condition on stage or even during your prep. I’m talking about your year round shape which so many people neglect which is why they struggle to really make that next level, here’s why. There is NO sense in getting fat in the off season for the sake of weight because your insulin sensitivity is going to suffer which makes it more difficult for the body to utilise carbohydrates for recovery and growth. It also increases your oestrogen levels!! Year round my athletes stay in good condition in order to focus on adding quality muscle, rather than unwanted fat which at the end of the day has to come back off for show prep. If you’re too fat at the start of your show prep, you’r going to suffer more going into that show and more importantly, as you push harder to drop the fat you’re going to risk losing too much muscle.

My athletes are known for their crazy conditioning on stage and that’s something I always insist on, on a bodybuilding stage razor sharp conditioning is so important.

Developing An Olympia Worthy Physique: 3 Dimensional

Everybody has strong and weak muscle groups, your focus really should be on making your weak muscle groups catch your better groups. Don’t think because you have a set of great arms that’s enough, it’s the total package which we are looking to present on stage. Train your weak muscle groups even harder, make them your priority and be smarter with your training. My using a 3 dimensional approach to your training, such as Y3T, you will ultimately create a more 3D physique.

Developing An Olympia Worthy Physique: Waistline

I’m a big believer and fan of keeping your waistline as tight as possible. That classic look it’s so pleasing to me and ultimately having a small, flat waistline really exaggerates your mass and v-taper which is all apart of the illusion you want to bring to the stage. So many people cause their guts to really distend with huge calorie intakes in the off season (often more than they need) along with gut health issues, which again are avoidable with a smarter approach to eating.

There’s a brief insight into my beliefs on developing a great physique going forward.

If you want more information for free on a daily basis, you can sign up @ Y3TDisciple.com for my free daily emails.

Neil Hill

Diabetic Muscle & Fitness – The 5 Cornerstones

Diabetic muscle building and improving fitness when diabetic is unfortunately tough. I hate to say it, but when it comes to building a healthy, lean, strong body, diabetics are at a marked disadvantage. The condition is associated with a host of long and short-term implications if left uncontrolled.  Generally speaking, these include:

Short Term

  • Catabolism (muscle wasting in particular)
  • Rapid mood swings and dips in performance
  • Dehydration
  • Suppression of the immune system (ability to fight infection)

Long Term

  • Increased risk of heart disease, kidney failure, eyesight problems.
  • Nerve damage
  • Amputation of limbs

As you can see none of these complications will benefit training performance or health for that matter. Diabetes can be extremely hard to control from the outset especially when one lacks the necessary knowledge of how the body works and also how to manipulate medication in accordance to the ever-changing dynamics of day-to-day life, stress, appetite and environment. In all my 10 years of being a Type 1 Diabetic I’ve come to terms with understanding my condition and respecting that I will never have perfect control. However, there are a number of key guidelines I want to share that have allowed me to stay major complication free and get the most out of my diabetic muscle building and fat loss efforts! I touch on these in greater detail in my upcoming book The Diabetic Blueprint – the first fully comprehensive diabetic body composition and performance resource of its kind!

The 5 Cornerstones of Diabetic Muscle & Fitness

1. Acceptance (Break The Trance)

First things first You’re diabetic… You have two choices, Come to terms with the condition, embrace it, understand it and do everything you can to control it. Or, Deny the truth, get on with your life and hope for the best. The problem is many diabetics simply don’t care or know enough to change. Your very existence is under threat. It doesn’t matter how much your worth, how popular or good looking you are without your health you’re good to nobody including yourself! Break The Trance! Do something about it – you have control as a Type 1 or Type 2.

2. Measure Everything

This is especially true for those diabetics who have been newly diagnosed. If you aren’t assessing your control you’re just guessing. Tracking allows you to assess your body’s reaction to certain foods, doses of medication and a host of other factors like stress and physical activity. Consistent measuring allows you to identify problems and work towards better long-term control, meaning fewer complications and better quality of life. Track the following

  • Fasting blood sugar
  • Pre meal blood sugar
  • Meal macro content (specifically quantity and type of carbs)
  • Post feeding blood sugar (1 hour)
  • Pre and Post exercise blood sugars
  • Overall Blood Panel (conducted by your professional health team)

3. High Intensity Exercise Can Upset Control

Exercise has always been seen as a control measure for Type 1 and 2 diabetics. However, it’s important to realize different types of exercise have different effects upon the body.  In particular, high intensity exercise like weight training or high intensity interval training can actually increase blood sugar levels instead of decrease them, and in turn promote diabetic complications if left uncontrolled. The rise in blood sugar is simply down to the stress of the activity and subsequent release of stress hormones like adrenaline which release glucose from the body’s internal glycogen stores like that found in the liver. Take home – measure and assess – then you can ascertain the appropriate response to different types of exercise.

4. Avoid Hypo’s For Optimal Fat Loss and Performance

When blood sugar levels drop outside of healthy range (hypoglycemia) a decline in mental functioning and physical performance is certain. This is of no use to the hard training individual looking to get the most out of each training session. Low blood sugar need to be treated in order to prevent further complications, such as falling unconscious, which of course could increase one’s potential to further suffer a severe/life threatening injury depending on the circumstance (car crash, fall etc.) Treatment requires the consumption of extra calories, which of course is highly dependent on the severity of the hypoglycemic episode. However, most diabetics will tell you, a hypo is often accompanied by a great deal of hunger which can promote mindless eating and excessive calorific binging especially if low quality food options are chosen. As a result this can have a significantly negative impact on one’s fat loss attempts especially if they are to reoccur regularly. Hypo’s will come and go, but learn to catch them early. This is another reason why you must measure, as it will give you a clearer means of calculating your individual medication dose and/or appropriate food portion size in relation to the set activity your about to pursue.

5. Avoid High blood Sugar

The physiological response to chronic high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) is lengthy and well beyond the scope of this short article. To cut a long story short when blood sugar levels are persistently high (due to a lack of insulin) the body cannot utilize nutrients (fuel) properly. Amino acids, carbs and fats fail to make it into cells and perform their necessary roles. The end result is a massive upset in the body’s internal chemistry which proves highly detrimental to health and catabolic to muscle & fat tissue. Diabetic muscle building is obviously much harder when in a state of catabolism. In layman’s terms recovery and your hard earned muscle goes out the window. Don’t think running yourself high is a healthy way to lose fat – far from it! Strive for control and balance with your blood sugar levels.

Take Home Message On Diabetic Muscle & Diabetic Fitness

Whether your type 1 or type 2, do your very best to achieve better diabetic control through lifestyle, diet, exercise and the appropriate medication. Respect the condition, chase perfect control by learning more about the condition, tactfully measuring your food intake/medication and physical activity levels Know that with better control come fewer complications, better health, fat loss, muscle growth and performance.

About The Author

Renowned competitive body builder and Sports Nutritionist Phil Graham (BSc, CSSN) has established himself as one of UK’s leading fitness educators and coaches. Phil is also in the process of writing the first ever diabetic body composition and performance resource for diabetics – The Diabetic Blueprint will be published in January 2016 www.phil-graham.com

Choon Tan – The Inspirational Story of UK’s Smallest Bodybuilder

Choon Tan is the UK’s smallest bodybuilder and has an incredibly inspiring life story to tell. From being a confused kid about his genetic condition to using bodybuilding as a tool to conquer all of his inner worries and become successful in his physique, his studies and his entrepreneurship; Choon is an epic role model for anyone who has ever felt insecure about they way they look or have looked.

Choon Tan – Growing Up With Depression

Finding out that I had a genetic defect and that I would not be the same as everyone else confused me as a child. I didn’t the feeling that I wasn’t as good or the same as everyone else.

I got bullied and tormented because of it which turned me into somewhat of a bully myself. It was undoubtedly the worst several years of my life, but it is what led me to an incredible eye-opening journey.

Through my late teens severe back pains began to occur. Everything started to get to me and I just wanted it all to end.

I remember having this feeling every day and it was unbearable. I didn’t want to be smaller and feel more vulnerable than everyone else.

This is when I found bodybuilding and learned how I could improve my condition and physique, which ended up changing my life completely. I learned how to change every aspect of my life.

Choon Tan – Using Bodybuilding As a Tool

The reason for starting bodybuilding was because I wanted to improve and become the best possible version of myself.

I was fed up of feeling skinny, feeling like I could be better and decided to do something about it.

Conveniently, it has greatly helped me rehabilitate and improve my condition and battle through a stage of depression, which was the lowest point of my life.

Growing up wishing that you could be different and not being comfortable in your own skin can devastate you psychologically.

The thought of getting on stage terrified me, but somehow I plucked up the courage and blocked out the fear. From this I now compete in Men’s Physique for the UKBFF Federation and will be guest posing at the British Finals.

My profile will also be featured in Flex Magazine and I am listed as a sponsored athlete. I am an ambassador for Protein Discount Card, and sponsored by EFN.

Choon Tan – Using My Story To Inspire Others

In the future, I am looking to start a YouTube Channel and do events for Hen, Stag and Birthday parties; I have motivational posts on my instagram “@imchoontan”.

Coming this far physically and psychologically has taught me that almost anything is accomplishable and I would never want anyone to feel how I once felt.

My main ambition now is to get as much exposure as possible and inspire people to believe in themselves and that they too can change their lives, no matter what situation you may be in.

Choon Tan – What would you say to someone who is insecure about the way they look?

I’d say that you can change the way you feel by taking one small step at a time by improving yourself, don’t stress too much and enjoy the process 🙂

Check out Choon Tan’s Inspirational Instagram page now!

Neil ‘Yoda’ Hill’s Top 3 Tips For Building Muscle

  1. Building muscle is more than just moving a weight from A to B. It’s about the tension you are able to create via these two points.
  2. Rotating rep ranges to target all muscle fibres is essential for maximising muscle growth.
  3. Optimising insulin sensitivity and testosterone is key, so don’t allow your body fat to go too high!

Check out more Muscle Building Tips from Phil Learney, Phil Graham and Layne Norton now!

Phil Graham’s Top 3 Muscle Building Tips

  1. If you aren’t assessing you’re just guessing. Always keep a close tab on key measures like lifts, body measures and food intake. This will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your approach.
  2. No pain, no gain – is quite possibly the most stupid approach of all time. Listen to your body, if you’re in pain, back off, and find something alternative to do. No one gets a medal for an injury. 
  3. Surround yourself with high achievers. This will bring a whole new level of motivation to your diet and training. You are a product of your environment. Ask yourself: is this helping me or ruining me?

Muscle Building Tips – Layne Norton’s Top 5

Muscle building tips can commonly come from someone trained rather than an expert who you can rely on. If you wanted the best sure fire muscle building tips, you couldn’t go to anyone better than Pro natural bodybuilder, pro powerlifting champion and Dr in Nutritional Sciences, Dr Layne Norton!

Muscle Building Tips #1 – Consistency.

It’s not sexy. They won’t put it on the cover of a magazine. It won’t sell supplements. But the number one factor for building a great physique is time investment. You have to put in the time. You aren’t going to get results with the time you didn’t put in. The best people in ANY sport, business, or skill didn’t get there overnight. It took them years and years and years to get there. Don’t expect building muscle to happen fast. You can do a lot of things wrong but if you work really hard for a really long period of time you will get results even if small things aren’t optimal.

Muscle Building Tips #2 – Train hard.

Again, not sexy. But I have seen over and over and over and over again people who say the know about training hard who really train hard sporadically. Very few people train really hard for a very long period of time. We don’t like to train hard. Our bodies do not like to change. So it will make us uncomfortable to prevent change. You must get comfortable with being uncomfortable for building serious muscle.

Muscle Building Tips #3 – Monitor your nutrient intake.

If you don’t know what you are taking in each day for your protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake then you are really not even close to optimizing your results. If you know what you are taking in you can track how your body responds to various adjustments. You can make your body & nutrition your own science experiment and figure out what works better for you for building muscle fast or cutting body fat.

Muscle Building Tips #4 – Don’t train haphazardly.

Your training should be programmed and planned for building muscle. If you are just walking into the gym and saying “ok it’s back day… I think I’ll do T-bar rows and do high reps.” What are you doing? Seriously? Do you think olympic athletes just show up at the track and say “eh, I think I’m just going to wing it today.” Of course not. So why would you not hold yourself to the same standard if you wanted to build muscle. Make sure you are following a program that is properly periodized and appropriate for your level and training status.

Muscle Building Tips #5 – Focus on one goal at a time.

Obviously everyone wants to be muscular and very lean, but I see so many people spin their wheels by restricting calories to try to cut down only to abandon that a few weeks in because they feel bad and weaker. Then a few weeks into building they start feeling a bit fluffier and begin dieting once again, only to repeat this process over and over. Focus on one thing at a time. You’re there to build muscle or to cut body fat – which is it?