Snapchat For Business: The Blueprint

Snapchat for business is a very popular topic at the moment. Some are curious, some think it’s madness and a few have got stuck in to it.

The question that you – like everyone else – probably have is “there’s not clickable button, so how do I convert?”

Given that with the MASS of information out there on every other platform, it’s hard even get our hard earned content in front of our target market without spending money on advertising.

Why Snapchat For Business

Put simply: attention of the viewer + high engagement = selling your story.

Snapchat has produced a platform where you can tell the stories within your company from any smart phone. There are NO expectations for sound or visual quality and so the pressure to produce video at the moment can be relieved a little too.

It takes time, money and multiple engagements to sell in 2016 because for just about everything, there’s so many options to choose from.

You can put out all the content you want on other platforms (and please continue too) but does every piece of content get consumed by the viewer in sequence. Absolutely not – but Snapchat (for SFN EXPO) gets over 85% open rate with over 2000 followers.

If Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the many other platforms offered 85% of our audience to not only see our content, but also consumed it without anything else visible to take away distractions (like Snapchat) anyone with anything half decent to sell would be rich.

3 ways to get started on Snapchat for business

  1. Create a content calendar of what you want to put out. Is it going to be stories within your companies, do cross-promotions with other snap chatters, or are you a discount retailer who quite simply is going to offer an exclusive deal to Snapchatters every Friday at 5pm? The choice is yours, but be clear about YOUR story so you can encourage people to follow.
  2. Use your current social media platforms full of followers to get them to move on to your Snapchat account. These are people who already liked your pages because they wanted to hear from you but probably don’t because Facebook will only show 5-10% of your followers your content. Get them to cross-over and your message consumption could increase by 1700%
  3. Snapchat is rapidly becoming a place where all fitness industry influencers have to be, which means that the fitness industry audience will follow. Simply having your Snapchat handle visible in places like your Instagram and Twitter descriptions will gain followers, because the supply and demand of who to follow is still very much in your favour right now.

3 ways to convert on Snapchat for business

  1. Keep the call to actions few and far between. The platform is epic for engaging an audience and creating brand loyalty but call to actions will only be very effective and stay that way if they are infrequent. Make 99% of the time content driven and 1% call to action to make these moments extremely profitable.
  2. Get people associated with your brand to talk about you. Snapchat is the first platform that comes across extremely authentic as people show their real day to day lives. If you have ambassadors, friends or simply are cross-promoting, encourage them to mention or show using your product or service in their every day lives. It’s like having authentic word of mouth recommendations in bulk that you can trust.
  3. Drop a discount code that people can screenshot. Make it specific to Snapchat only, so you can measure it against other codes out there at the same time.

SFN EXPO Snapchat A Day In The Life of Take-Overs Snapchat For Business

Why else would you use Snapchat for business?

If you’re in the business of people, then the more personal the better. Using Snapchat for business allows you to do what people simply are not used to – video responses. You don’t HAVE to do this, and it won’t even be expected, BUT, it’s remarkable and will spread word of mouth.

Also, you can ask questions and get feedback. Show them two variations of the new running shoes you’re bringing out, or ask who they want to see at your next event. The Snapchat community are vocal and it’s GREAT for business.

Want to discuss your Snapchat for business strategy? Contact to discuss Snapchat for business.

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How to Effectively Engage With Your Customers

Anna Sward (Founder of Protein Pow) had one of the most engaging stands at SFN EXPO 2015. Due to the great feedback we received from customers, we asked Anna to write this blog on how to effectively engage with your customers at an exhibition.

1. What’s your biggest tip for engaging with customers?

Be friendly and sure that everyone at the stand is welcoming because that’s the thing with these events – if people at the stand don’t look welcoming, no one will want to come over. Make sure that your stand looks fun and engaging – not just a row of supplements that people come up to, take, and walk away from. Consider adding an element of interaction to your stand too – i.e. competitions, giveaways, sign-ups for samples, etc.

2. What is the biggest mistake you have seen and why?

Loud music which doesn’t allow people to actually interact with people at the stands! Also, giving away a sample without ANY call to action or any request for feedback/engagement.

3. How would you design your stand to make it engaging?

Make it stand out, stay on brand, make it something people want to stop at and learn more about.

4. How would you use social media to engage with people on the run up to the expo?

Run competitions, post engaging content, and consider doing things like treasure hunts!

Have you seen our other blogs?

How to Create a Successful Online Tribe

UK Exhibition Digital Marketing Tips

How i-Posture Could be Damaging Your Sales

Creating a Community

Over the last 2 years, I have gone from working with 30 clients in isolation to creating a business with 400 people travelling in the same direction for a common purpose.

To my mind, it wasn’t content or results that have created the LTB movement, it is something far bigger, far more important and ultimately something far more powerful for business – I have created a community.

Over the next few minutes, I am going to try my best to help you understand how to create a community of people who love your brand and want to go on a journey with you and everyone else in it.

People want to feel like they matter but it’s better when they know they do.

Showing people that they matter is a really tough, but I would suggest that it’s the primary goal every community should aspire towards.

It’s very easy to tell people that they matter, but actually proving it is a different game

By following a few basic rules you can make sure everyone inside your community feels valued individually and for their contribution to the group.

Building a community – First impressions

You only get 1 chance to make a first impression, use it wisely.

Welcome every new member into your community and help them understand the process from getting the very most from using the group.

Then privately send them a message thanking them for being a part of it, and show them how they can ask questions privately and publicly.

Building a community – competence

People want to feel competent.

We only know what we know, and ensuring every member knows what you stand for will allow people security in knowing when they can ask for support without being made to feel incompetent.

So set the ground rules for your community


What you expect from members and what they can expect in return. Show them that asking any question will be met with support and encouragement but also have alternative ways of members being able to ask a question anonymously.

If you use the community as a way to check up on accountability, make sure you celebrate success in public and feedback anything people need to improve on privately.

By showing flaws in a members performance you’ll take away their feeling of competence within the group, and no matter who you are – how you appear to your peers will always impact the way you behave inside a community.

Building a community – Over Deliver


Ok so this is a buzzword in our industry (and all service industries) at the moment and now people are slowly learning to expect over delivery – so if it’s expected then you’ve already got your work cut out.

This doesn’t always have to be delivery related to your service, an action as small and seemingly as insignificant as a text, a call or a method of communication you wouldn’t usually use for someone to simply tell them they are in your thoughts, they are appreciated, and delivering a little bit of praise can change the way someone sees the world.

To me that delivers value beyond compare yet so few people do it.

Over delivery to me is making everyone in the group feel better than they would have ever expected. Whether that comes in the form of content or compliments, make sure you over deliver every single day.

Building a community – Autonomy

People feel like they matter most when they aren’t pigeon-holed and made to feel like they have no control. I’m pretty sure that’s the world’s most middle-class rap, but we’ll leave it in

Autonomy is probably the biggest gift we can give to people. People don’t like feeling controlled and want to find their own way of achieving success, but of course, they are paying you to be the guide that keeps them on the right course, but equally they want to know that you have amazing ideas for them to choose from.

I think we are moving towards a place where we are so afraid of NOT giving autonomy that we forget to make helpful, practical suggestions that form a pool of potential choices – especially for people who don’t want to think too hard about how to make progress.

I think we are moving towards a place where we are so afraid of NOT giving autonomy that we forget to make helpful, practical suggestions that form a pool of potential choices – especially for people who don’t want to think too hard about how to make progress.

Building a Community – Belong

And now we move onto the one that needs the most amount of work.

Making someone feel like they belong – it’s the ultimate way of creating super fans.

Think about it, every weekend millions of football fans pack stadiums around the UK to belong. The view is worse than TV, the weather is worse than at home, the tickets are scandalously expensive. Add to that a good potential for your team to lose and you wonder why people do it.

But look at things another way, If all week you spend time with people who don’t “get it”, don’t share the same values and beliefs as you, then that 90 minutes per week might be the only time you feel a common connection to other people.

They cheer, laugh, cry and sing together. Of course, it all goes too far sometimes, and making sure that your positive group never gets a mob mentality is vital. I’ll touch more on that later.

So how do we create our own fans? The ones who turn up to events wearing our kit, the ones who post about us on social media, the ones who feel that what you have created is a reflection of their identity and who they want to be seen as?

First up, you need to get them together often.

Whether your community is mostly online or mostly in-person, you need to schedule regular events away from their normal interaction with each other.

If your service is an in-person service, run a webinar or create a Facebook group

If your service is online, book a meal out or host an event someone. 

One of the first things I did with my online community was to create a training event in person so that we could shake hands, high 5, learn together, laugh together, eat together and just enjoyed being in the company of people who shared the love of getting better at training clients

You could see friendships form immediately and people left the event feeling uplifted but also a bit sad that the day was over. That’s where the real magic in service standards is formed.

Of the 28 people who attended that day, 27 are still in LTB. Make of that what you will in relation to how great community is for retention.

Another way of creating super fans is by showing them that no matter how busy you are, they never stop being important to you.

Knowing your customers nicknames, birthdays, kids birthdays, upcoming family events, stresses and having a gauge for when they seem to be a bit quiet is utterly vital to creating a community of people who feel hugely valued as individuals.

Someone’s child has been taken ill? Sending a card to the child, and a handwritten note to the customer is about as classy as it gets.

Interesting fact for you, I have over 400 paying customers and I know at least 3 facts about each of them off the top of my head that doesn’t relate to their job.

What this shows you, I hope, is that I have over 400 people who matter to me, who I trust and believe in, who I share the same values as, who I will move mountains to see succeed.

Avoiding pitfalls:

The biggest worries I have in my communities are always related to how my group is viewed by the outside world and as a result of that, I have strict measures in place to ensure the values that we hold dear are never betrayed.

People will always know what to expect when they know what you stand for, but you will be equally as likely to get respect when people know what you won’t stand for.

In my group, we don’t accept talking negatively about anyone. We can disagree with beliefs, we can disagree with systems, but I will never accept people talking ill of others. Our focus is on what does work, and who is legit rather than what doesn’t and who isn’t.

As soon as you let one bitch-fest take place, it’s open season on everyone and in my opinion, there is enough negativity on the internet in the fitness field without letting it come into our house.

If you want to create a community that inspires people, that connects people, that helps you build an amazing business – focus on who you are, what you stand for, and who you represent.

If you want to learn more about building an online community, visit Lift the Bar

Thank you to Chris Burgess for writing this blog for SFN EXPO

How iposture could be damaging your sales

As we discussed in Cathy Macdonald’s blog on communication (Click here to view) first impressions do matter. We make quick opinions based on how people look so how can we use this to our advantage?

Harvard Professor Amy Cuddy who you may recognise from her famous Ted TALK (Click here to view) discusses the benefits of positive postures. We all know that using an iPhone on a stand looks unprofessional but there is also another negative, your bodies chemical reaction to it.

Subjects of a study who used smaller devices decreased in assertiveness and increased the loading on their neck (leading to eventual pain and headache.) The study showed people who were staring at iPhones were 50% assertive compared to 94% of people who used desktop computers. We contract our bodies with inward posture making us feel less powerful when using smaller devices.

We all want to be more productive and efficient yet using small objects even for a short period of time may be reducing our assertiveness and reducing our productivity.

So, what’s the upside? The studies show having a good posture and opening our bodies can have a 19% increase in how confident we feel. This also reduces our cortisol levels meaning we are more relaxed and can think clearer when communicating with customers. Having an open posture means you are more welcoming to customers making your exhibition a lot more successful.

To find out more about how posture can improve your performance, check out Amy Cuddy’s book PRESENCE: BRINGING YOUR BOLDEST SELF TO YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGES.

If you want to see testimonials from SFN EXPO, click here

UK Exhibitions Digital Marketing Tips

Josh Quigley was the founder and Zookeeper at SharkDog, a social media agency based in Edinburgh. Josh delivered his own workshops and presentations on social media and also spoke at many events in Scotland which helped people understand social media and how they could use it to market their business. Josh is also known as the Tartan Explorer and recently won Young Entrepreneur of he Year. Here are Josh’s Digital Marketing Tips for UK Exhibitions:

1. What’s your biggest tip for Digital Marketing and why?

Get on Snapchat!

Snapchat is massive in social media marketing at the moment and rightly so. Recently revealed stats show that Snapchat is amassing 7 billion daily views. You can’t dismiss these numbers and not understand that this is where people’s attention is at the moment.

Snapchat is a great tool to build your personal brand or add a real human touch to your company brand. The beauty of Snapchat is that everyone is on a level playing field in terms of content production. Everyone is using the same camera to capture images and video and it doesn’t matter what editing software or production equipment you have.

Your ability to succeed on Snapchat comes down to how creative you can get within the app and this gives you a real opportunity do dominate Snapchat in your industry.

Use Snapchat to show the behind the scenes of what you do and your daily grind to really connect with your audience.

2. What’s the biggest mistake you’ve seen with Digital Marketing and why?

The biggest mistake is people just constantly talking about themselves and are always going in for the kill.

You need to use social media to be social. Use it to bring real value to people and educate or entertain them as a way of connecting with them.

Too many people only post updates about themselves and are constantly trying to sell at the first point of contact.

You need to use social media to build relationships with people and add real value to their life instead of constantly trying to sell your product or service.

3. If you had £100 to spend on digital marketing for UK Exhibitions, how would you spend it?

Facebook advertising. No question about it.

Facebook has an incredible amount of data on us that makes it the most effective marketing platform of all time.

The way you can target people on Facebook is truly amazing.

Let’s say you are a Yoga instructor who runs classes in Motherwell. If you are targeting woman who are 30-50, live in Motherwell, are interested in Yoga and like to keep fit. You can then create a 60 second video that shows off the benefits of your class and why people should attend and then run an ad on Facebook that only goes to woman in Motherwell, who are 30-50 and have expressed an interest in Yoga on Facebook already.

The targeting options are incredible and you need to use them to your advantage.

4. If someone was starting a business, what would be the first social media platform to learn and why?

I think rather than learning individual platforms it’s far more important to understand the psychology behind social media. Understand how you market to people and the principles behind it before you start learning any of the platforms.

Understand why people use social media, what they’re looking for when they do and then how you can use it to tap into this and market your business.

Once you understand the psychology then you can start to master the platforms.

5. If you could recommend one book, podcast, youtube video etc on Digital Marketing, what would it be?

Gary Vaynerchuk!!

Anything and everything from Gary Vaynerchuk. If you are marketing on social media and aren’t following Gary then you are missing out big time. Gary puts out a ton of free content with his daily Vlog, Ask Gary Vee show and countless articles and youtube videos. Gary is also massive on Snapchat.

He also has a must-read book called Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook.

To learn more about Josh and his travels across the world to raise awareness for mental health awareness, visit his Facebook page.

How to Sell at a UK Fitness Exhibition

Are you looking to maximise your sales at a UK fitness exhibition, but you don’t want to lose customers by being too pushy? A.B.C (Always Be Closing) was an expression from the film Glengarry Glen Ross where Alex Baldwin plays the role of the stereotypical cold and ‘successful’ salesman. Below is the clip from the film which portrays this:

However, the world of buying is changing. People are more educated and are able to access information in minutes thanks to the internet. By trying to force a sale you risk potentially making a sale, but losing a customer. The role of the sales person is now to listen and help the buyer or as Zig Ziglar puts it, ‘be the Assistant Buyer.’ So, how does this work in an exhibition?

Below are my three tips for selling at a UK fitness exhibition.

1. Make sure people know exactly what you are offering. Too many start ups try and treat their stand like a shop with wide ranges of products and expect people to queue up to buy. Make your stand engaging by running competitions, meet & greets etc and make sure people know exactly what you are selling with clear marketing.

2. Be willing to say no. Know exactly who your product/service benefits and say no to people it doesn’t. It’s a very powerful thing in sales to be able to say ‘This isn’t for you, but I would recommend …’ Saying no creates a sense of exclusivity and value. If you are prepared to say no to a customer your passion when you say yes will show and people will want to buy from you. Answer your customers questions and relax. As Jeffrey Gitomer says, ‘People don’t like to be sold to, but they love to buy.’

3. Be engaging. Run competitions on your social media before the exhibition and create tiers for the performance of the people taking part. The better the performance the better deal they will receive at the exhibition. People will be more likely to buy as they will feel like they have earned it. People are competitive so embrace that.

It’s important you listen to your customer to find out their needs. The majority of us are ‘competitive listeners,’ so we need to re-evaluate how we communicate with customers. Next week I will be interviewing Cathy MacDonald who previously worked as police hostage negotiator and will discuss how to communicate effectively with your customers.

If you have any questions on SFN EXPO, contact

UK Fitness Exhibition

Scotland’s Largest Health & Fitness Exhibition

Fitness Exhibition

Are you looking for a fitness exhibition in the UK? SFN EXPO is the perfect platform to showcase your brand. Here is our B2C Marketing Top Tip.

We are fortunate to meet a lot of fitness startups through SFN EXPO and often they will ask us for advice on marketing their business. People get caught in the blinding lights of email automation, Facebook tracking pixels and using every social media platform. The problem is many people are entering saturated markets without focusing on the most important factor – the product/service.

James Watt (Captain and Co-Founder of BrewDog) discusses this in his new book ‘Business for Punks: Break All the Rules – the BrewDog Way,’ and how over the last four years BrewDog has officially been the fastest growing food and drink producer in the UK and simultaneously the fastest growing bar and restaurant operator.

‘In the early days of your business it’s paramount you and your team spend time on getting your product offering or service right, not on hiring sales or marketing person. Your product needs to be chopped, tuned and ready to roll. Made so awesome people are gagging for it, creating its own buzz and, in turn, fuelling its own demand.’

By being focused and passionate about your business like BrewDog Co-Founders James Watt and Martin Dickie you create a community that will promote your business. Creating a ‘Tribe’ is a common goal for many companies, however, people want to believe in your business before they buy into it. You can see from social media that the team at BrewDog love beer and their army of Punks – their ‘tribe’ – engage with them. Does it work? Well, BrewDog broke the UK record by raising £4.25 million last December through crowdfunding.

If you are looking for a fitness exhibition in the UK, contact to discuss exhibiting.

If you would like to see some testimonials, click the link here

SFN EXPO – Scotland’s Largest Health & Fitness Exhibition

Exhibiting at SFN EXPO 2016

Exhibiting at SFN EXPO

Exhibiting at SFN EXPO

Are you thinking about exhibiting at SFN EXPO 2016? We wanted to share with you some testimonials from 2015 exhibitors. Here is what Jonny Curley from Anytime Leisure and Anna Sward from Protein Pow had to say:

Anytime Leisure

SFN EXPO has been a revelation to the Scottish Fitness Industry and to the UK fitness industry in a lot of ways. This is a expo that really focusses on the customer and provides so much knowledge and experience for the verywide ranging customers from the complete beginner to the expert trainers.

You have crossfit games, strongman competitions, nutrition workshops, industry experts guiding the personal trainers on how to run a successful business, bodybuilders, strength and conditioning seminars and many more.

If you are coming to start the journey of losing weight or an expert in your field this is a weekend you will gain so much from.

Anytime Leisure is a specialist in fitting  out all sizes of gyms UK wide from home gyms to large specialist gyms.  We are based in Scotland and are delighted to see a show like this in Glasgow.  Anytime Leisure will be working with the team at SFN EXPO to enhance the shows appeal and awareness for an even more successful show next year. 

Thank you for all your support over the last two years and best of luck for next year – Jonny Curley, Director 

Protein Pow

As a business within the health and food sector, Protein Pow is at the forefront of opening new markets and experiences to consumers that are highly interested in health and fitness yet may feel intimidated by the way in which the industry has in many cases presented itself. 

SFN EXPO 2015 provided an education driven, health focused, and family-friendly event for us to continue building our brand. Its audience was all inclusive, ranging from busy parents wanting to gain information on how to provide healthier alternatives to their families, to athletes wanting to enhance their fitness and nutrition. It was an event geared towards everyone looking to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. 

SFN EXPO 2015 made health and fitness education accessible, mainstream, fun, and inspiring, in a way that no other health and fitness expo has managed to do in the UK.

Protein Pow is looking forward to continuing our relationship with SFN EXPO and helping to expand the expo further through unique workshops, premium product offerings and a focus on creating a rewarding experience for all that are interested in better health and delicious nutrition-packed food!” – Anna Sward, Founder of Protein Pow

If you have any questions on exhibiting at SFN EXPO 2016, email


Exhibiting at SFN EXPO 2016

Are you making your usual plans for expos in 2016? “Do what you’ve always done and get what you’ve always got” comes to mind! Have you thought about making any changes in 2016? Have you heard about SFN EXPO but you are not sure why it’s different?

SFN EXPO 2015 Stats

  • 51.5% female and 48.5% male
  • Major focus on education (Knowledge is power)
  • Target audience is general public (train 3 – 5 time a week) and personal trainers
  • A focus on mainstream fitness instead of extremes
  • Values quality over quantity and the curious over ‘freebie hunters’

Exhibiting at SFN EXPO 2016 will change your perception of health and fitness expos. We put a major focus into attracting people who want to engage with and buy from our exhibitors.

Who else will be exhibiting along side you at SFN EXPO 2016?

Other huge brands including USN, Powerhouse Fitness, Linwoods, Protein Pow are already confirmed for what is being touted as the most ENGAGING fitness exhibition in the UK, The SFN EXPO 2016.

If you are interested in exhibiting at SFN EXPO 2016, contact to discuss how we can work together now, and take advantage of over 9 months of FREE marketing bolt-ons.

FREE Marketing Bolt-Ons

Every stand comes with a free marketing bolt-on to support YOUR goals throughout the whole year.

We have over 22,000 social media followers, well over 10,000 email database, well over 10,000 website visitors per month and 161 of top influencers in health and fitness in the UK as our brand ambassadors for 2016, spread evenly across: North of Scotland, South of Scotland, North of England, South of England, Wales and Ireland.

Do you want your message heard? We hear you. And we are the gateway to results before the exhibition has even begun.

Contact Us Now

Contact to discuss how we can work together now, and take advantage of over 9 months of FREE marketing bolt-ons, getting results before the show has even begun.

Exhibitors: 6 Tips And Ideas To Smash Your Exhibition Targets!

How do you hit your targets at an exhibition? How do you offer excellent value to the visitors? How do you get all the attention at an exhibition? How do you smash your sales record at an exhibition? Many companies ask us for a advice over the weekend of SFN Expo, so here are some of our exhibiting tops tips and ideas for smashing your exhibition targets:


1. Find out the Confirmed Speakers/Guests/Celebrities attending the Exhibition in Advance


One company at SFN Expo 2014 reached out to our seminar speakers in advance so they could organise for them to be on their stands after they completed a seminar. This proved to be very effective as traffic was directed towards their stands. Ask the organiser for a list of confirmed seminar speakers and reach out to them prior to the exhibition. Most speakers loved to be associated with brands, so it could be the start of a lasting relationship as well as an effective way to draw attention to your exhibition stand.


2. Get the Expo Shouting about your Exhibition Stand!


Being promoted on social media on the run up to the exhibition, gives you the chance to engage and build rapport with your target audience pre expo. This means your sales and conversions over the weekend will be a lot higher, because the relationship has already begun on a positive note. You pay a lot of money for your stand, so get the exhibition shouting about you and your exhibition stand! Has the expo got any private social media groups or email databases? If so, ask for promotion this allow you to engage with customers and stand out from the crowd. Remember, quality is the focus, not quantity when marketing your business so give them something exciting to work with to maximise your promotion.


3. The Personal Touch


With a large number of companies all targeting the same avatar, how can you be different? The majority of seasoned exhibitors will be running contests for prizes and to capture data. So how can you be unique? Tell your customers you will send out an email in a couple of days after the show, with an exclusive great offer, or a free gift – a seminar, informational PDF, link to a private video. This allows you to continue selling post expo and create loyal customers. Use site’s like Mailchimp or Aweber to track your open rates and build a database of loyal customers.


4. Bring your A­-Team!


If you have models on your stand who interact with the audience, your sales, promo videos/photos and marketing are always going to benefit. Some companies struggle to get models due to the cost of overheads i.e. travel, accommodation and expenses etc. We wanted to resolve this problem so we created a partnership with a fitness agency, Elite Fitness Network, to offer experienced and professional models to all our exhibitors, for excellent brilliant rates! For more details on how we can save you money at SFN Expo 2015, email


5. Be Open and Interactive on your Exhibition Stand


Ensure your stand is welcoming and has a minimum amount of ‘barriers’ between you and your potential customers. Have bright eye catching stands (printed backboards look great are a cost effective way to do this), that will draw people in and consider unconventional layouts that look worthy of exploring and make sure all your staff are welcoming by making regular eye contact and are standing, as sitting will take them away from eye level. So, look at your stand and ask yourself ‘Will this stand out?’ All your staff are there to sell and promote your goods/service so ensure they have sufficient training to hit your goals. Also, keep mobile phones in pockets unless they are for cheeky selfies with customers!


6. Think Outside the Box


Many exhibitors will set up their stand in a conventional way. The space is your platform to not only sell your brand, but it is also a prime opportunity to show some personality. The general public want to connect with you before buying into your products or services, so even if you have selected our smaller stand you can still use imagination and bring it to life.

One exhibition stand has already tapped into what their business is about and has turned it into an interactive zone (this is a small stand too) allowing people the chance to get hands on and proving too hard to walk past, for those with a competitive streak. Bear in mind an interactive stand is a busy stand and once you draw a crowd, it will become a magnet to those who may ordinarily walk past.


Do you want to exhibit at SFN 2015 and benefit from all the above marketing support and more at no extra cost? Simply email for your Exhibiting Brochure and Floor Plan.