OFFICIAL: Ben Coomber At SFN EXPO 2016 & Hijacks Snapchat

Every year we put out a survey to ask who do you want to present at NEXT years SFN EXPO, and every year we hear the same name, amongst other greats – Ben Coomber!

Ben Coomber Announces SFN EXPO 2016 Via Snapchat LIVE Q+A

Ben Coomber at SFN EXPO 2016

Ben Coomber’s seminars at SFN EXPO 2016 are, as usual, set to be epic! He touched upon what he’ll be talking about, in the video above.  If you’re interested in fat loss, then you want this expert nutritionist in your corner.

Last year he spoke about How To Build Your Diet From The Ground Up, and it was amazingly received. Our SFN EXPO Twitter absolutely blew up with people tweeting about the seminar.

Possibly Ben’s best quality as a speaker – and probably why every wants him back – is that he turns very scientific data in to every-day you-and-I speak. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Dr in Nutritional Sciences or you’ve never read anything about nutrition in your life – you can take away everything Ben wants to get across.

SFN EXPO Snapchat LIVE Q+A’s

SFN EXPO Snapchat

All year we will be bringing you amazing opportunities to interact with our speakers and athletes via SFN EXPO Snapchat. You will be able to get all this for FREE:

  • See many speaker announcements before anyone else!
  • Ask our speakers burning questions privately and get a personalised video response!
  • Exclusive Snapchat only competitions!
  • Exclusive Snapchat only fitness industry discount codes and giveaways!
  • Follow the journey to SFN EXPO 2016: Venue visits, meetings with athletes, team gym sessions etc!

How to add SFN EXPO on Snapchat NOW: Simply screenshot the image above OR add username ‘SFNEXPO’ in to Snapchat. Easy. Done!

The Club Gym (Glasgow) – Press Release

Glasgow’s Freshest, Most Exciting, New Gym

We are delighted to finally announce the launch of The Club Gym, a new gym experience opening in the heart of Glasgow’s Merchant City in January 2016.  You can expect DJ fuelled intense training sessions, elite personal trainers in stunning boutique facilities with world leading fitness equipment.

The Club Gym re-writes the rules of the modern gym arena with many unique features such as a resident DJ, a boutique class based training studio, circular spin zones, Life Fitness Cardio machines, UK made elite lifting equipment, vast weights and functional zones, UK made Iso Lever strength machines and even the world’s first incline prowler ramp!

We have recruited some of Glasgow’s finest personal trainers to be on hand to help you with your training and nutrition, providing tailored plans that work with your lifestyle.  Post workout you can relax in our Protein bar with fresh protein smoothies and cocktails made from the latest sports nutrition products on hand to aid and progress recovery. Our ultimate aim is to help you achieve your goals quicker than ever before!

Finally, you can expect lots of events, seminars and workshops to be happening in The Club throughout the year.  We can’t wait to welcome you to The Club, register on our website and like us on Facebook for exclusive launch offers.

Layne Norton on Carbon Supplements & How Supplements SHOULD Be Used

Great to speak to you again Layne. The big news is that you have teamed up with to create your own supplement brand, Carbon Supplements. What inspired you to create this line of supplements?

Well over time I’ve gotten a bit of a reputation as someone who destroys broscience and when you look around in the supplement industry you see a lot of broscience and BS.  I wanted to develop a company that was completely transparent, science based, with no outrageous claims and no lying to consumers.  I hope that Carbon can create a new benchmark of what the supplement industry SHOULD BE and stand for science and integrity.  And yes, they will be available in the UK in the coming months.  

What are the key differences between your brand and so many others on the market?

We are no frills.  Every ingredient has a purpose and is PROPERLY dosed.  There are ZERO proprietary blends.  There are also no ingredients that are thrown in for the sake of being ‘novel.’  So many companies will put in ‘novel’ ingredients for the sake of being novel.  The issue is that many of these ingredients have zero evidence to support their usage.  With Carbon, we will use novel ingredients if we find them, but only if they are supported by data.

What’s your professional ethos on how supplements should be incorporated into a training and diet plan?

Supplements are there to SUPPORT what you do.  They do not replace proper training or nutrition.  Carbon supplements are designed with intention to help you train harder, longer, and recover faster.

Weight Loss Tips – Ben Coomber’s Top 3 (VIDEO)

Weight loss tips are thrown about quite commonly that have no backed up scientific evidence. By the common term weight loss, we all really mean ‘fat loss’. Ben Coomber, expert nutritionist and one of The SFN EXPO’s headline speakers, gives you his top 3 top weight loss/fat loss tips in the FIRST of his FIVE part series!


More Expert Weight Loss Tips?

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Clydebuilt Fitness Throwdown 2015 (Teaser Video)

Clydebuilt Throwdown 2015 from Louise Mather // No Middle Name on Vimeo.


Do not miss out on The HUGE Clydebuilt Fitness Throwdown 2015, Strongman Championships (including a indoor truck pull), UKBBF Bodybuilding Scottish Grad Prix, 2 seminar arenas, 2 live demo areas featuring numerous World Record Holders, over 100 awesome exhibitors with challenges and show only offers, new interactive workshops and much more!


Get YOUR e-tickets now to skip the queues: SFN EXPO 2015 Tickets


Special thanks to Louise Mather of as the videographer/ head of media for the Clydebuilt Fitness Throwdown.

SFN EXPO Nominated For ‘Glasgow’s Favourite Business’ In The Glasgow Business Awards 2015 (VOTE Within)

After just over a year in business, we’re extremely proud to announce that we’ve been nominated by you, the public, into the top 6 finalists of the ‘Glasgow’s Favourite Business’ Award at The Glasgow Business Awards 2015.




Voting is easy and takes 2 seconds; simply email with the subject title “SFN Expo” for 1 vote!

The Story In The Press – Evening Times Article


To hear our start-up story, please visit the article: SFN Expo Nominated For Glasgow’s Favourite Business – Evening Times


Thank you for all of your on-going support and we’ll see you in little more than a month for the HUGE SFN EXPO 2015!

Your Last Gym Session Explained In Emojis

Best Gym Emojis“That’s right, you’re King/Queen has arrived at Casa Del Gainsville”


Best Gym Emojis“Sweet…. warm up. I usually lift more than this usually, you all know that, right?”


Best Gym Emojis“BIG compound move PB coming today… Yeeeeeeha!”


Best Gym Emojis“Last set…”


Best Gym Emojis“Two reps later…”


Best Gym Emojis“Isolation move to finish off and become MASSSSIIIIIIIIIIIVE”


Best Gym Emojis“Guy with the innuendo t-shirt has 18 dumbbells out for a drop set… while he’s texting”


Best Gym Emojis“Guy with the innuendo t-shirt just saw me staring…”


Best Gym Emojis“All good mate, just when you’re ready. Nice form by the way…”


Best Gym Emojis“Maybe I’ll just use the cable machines today to finish off… kind of wanted them more that the dumbbells anyway…”


Best Gym Emojis“YES… the hot guy/girl is back and about to walk past!”


Best Gym Emojis“….at the end of a drop set”


Best Gym Emojis“Give me two weeks… then you’ll take notice…”


Best Gym Emojis“Finish off with a wee bit of cardio”


Best Gym Emojis“That’s plenty. 3 kcal’s wasted in the process”


Best Gym Emojis“Quick flex in the mirror while no ones looking”


Best Gym Emojis“Post work-out anabolic window – 5 mins left!!!”


Best Gym Emojis“Missed the anabolic window… what a pointless workout”


Best Gym Emojis“Not totally pointless. I can still check-in on Facebook before I leave!”

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7 Best Protein Bakery Recipes On Protein Pow

The most popular protein bakery recipes on Protein Pow are bound to be INCREDIBLE, given that they are the World’s #1 protein bakery website and we’re only picking 7! Just before Anna Sward, the founder of Protein Pow, jets up to Scotland for the Protein Pow Workshops at SFN 2015 (that you can book onto now – limited spaces available), she has put together the 7 BEST Protein Pow Recipes of recent times! Enjoy!


Protein Pow’s Protein Bakery Recipe 7: Twix–inspired Protein Bars

Protein Pow Protein Bakery Protein Twix Bars Recipe

These are dream come true for anyone who loves Protein Pow and protein bakery recipes. Round up the ingredients soon and make them. Why not this weekend? Get the whole family involved and make a bunch of these bars. They’re sweetener-free, gluten-free, and most likely one of the best things to make using protein powders!
Twix Inspired Protein Bars Recipe – Protein Pow Protein Bakery Recipes


Protein Pow’s Protein Bakery Recipe 6: Strawberry Protein Bars

Protein Pow Protein Bakery Protein Strawberry Dessert Recipe

This strawberry protein bar recipe is delicious! These protein bars are the perfect bars to make in the summer, when strawberries are in their prime. They’re especially delicious if you keep them in the fridge and enjoy them cold after good workout!
Strawberry Protein Bars – Protein Pow Protein Bakery Recipes


Protein Pow’s Protein Bakery Recipe 5: Dark Chocolate Protein Truffles

Protein Pow Protein Bakery Protein Chocolate Balls Recipe

No wonder this protein bakery recipe is a favourite amongst Protein Pow fans! ‘Tasty’ doesn’t cut it. ‘Delicious’ doesn’t even get close. It’s words like ‘luxurious’, ‘legendary’ and ‘epic’ that best approximate what these protein truffles are like. Even then though, those words do nothing to convey the pleasure that these protein truffles deliver. Only one thing can, and that’s you making them.


Dark Chocolate Protein Truffles – Protein Pow Protein Bakery Recipes



Protein Pow’s Protein Bakery Recipe 4: Orange & Vanilla Protein Pancakes (Gluten-Free)

Protein Pow Protein Bakery Protein Pancakes Recipe

Something about the vanilla, orange, and almonds just makes my heart go boom boom – and I think it will yours too, with this awesome Protein Pow classic protein bakery recipe!


Orange & Vanilla Protein Pancakes – Protein Pow Protein Bakery Recipes


Protein Pow’s Protein Bakery Recipe 3: Blackberry Protein Fluff

Protein Pow Protein Bakery Protein Mousse Recipe

It’s a question I get a lot: “Anna, what IS protein FLUFF?” If you’ve never had it, it’s actually hard to describe it. “Protein Fluff is like… cloud!” I always say, “It’s like eating light, airy, and fluffy heaven!” – Check out this Protein Pow recipe for yourself and let me know what you think!


Blackberry Protein Fluff – Protein Pow Protein Bakery Recipes


Protein Pow’s Protein Bakery Recipe 2: Protein Lava Cake: Enter Twilight Pow Zone

Protein Pow Protein Bakery Protein Chocolate Cake Recipe

Nothing says love like chocolate cake. Show your swole-mate how you really feel with this protein lava cake recipe from Protein Pow!
Protein Chocolate Lava Cake – Protein Pow Protein Bakery Recipes


Protein Pow’s Protein Bakery Recipe 1: Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Protein Balls

Protein Pow Protein Bakery Protein Balls Recipe

The most popular Protein Pow Recipe of recent times – Protein balls (or ‘truffles’ if you find the word ‘balls’ objectionable) are a great snack. They feature great macros and they’re nicely bite-sized so you can stick them in a tupperware and take them with you on a day out, to work, to school, to the gym, etc


Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Protein Balls – Protein Pow Protein Bakery Recipe


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For more Protein Bakery recipes from Protein Pow, please visit Protein Pow online.


Spread the good word, share these 7 excellent Protein Bakery recipes from Protein Pow!

25 Xmas Gifts For Gym Junkies

Is your friend a serial gym junkie? Someone who’d rather go out in gym gear than something fancy? Would they rather smash back another protein shake than risk the dreaded catabolism? Well we’re here to save the day for you! 25 christmas gift ideas for gym junkies!


Gerorge Foreman Grill

1. The Fitness Food Company Meal Box

These fresh boxes of butcher quality meat, healthy snacks and veg are incredible and easily frozen in their portion controlled packaging. Delivered to their door and will last long after Christmas!

£14.99-£79.99 – The Fitness Food Company Meat Packs Delivered




Promixx 2.0 Shaker

2. Promixx 2.0

The revolutionary premium shaker that mixes your protein automatically at the click of a button just got better. New storage compartments, aluminium finish and ultra high torque for the best mix yet! An awesome xmas gift for the gym junkie on your list!

£39.99 – Buy Promixx 2.0 Here




Coconoil Coconut Oil

3. Coconut Oil

With so many health benefits across the board, coconut oil is an excellent, thoughtful gift for the gym junkie in your life! You can eat it, cook with it, or slap it in your hair or on your skin! Coconoil is 100% organic Coconut oil which is hugely popular!

£9.80 – Buy Coconoil HERE




Fitter Food Recipe Book - A Lifelong Recipe

4. Fitter Food Recipe Book – A Lifelong Recipe

Sold all over the world, Matt and Keris’ recipe book is an excellent christmas gift for gym junkies. Inside they have over 100 recipes, designed with one thing in mind, to help you look and feel awesome!

£12.99 – Buy Fitter Food ‘A Lifelong Recipe’ HERE





5. Cerberus Strength Wraps & Straps

The basis of any good lifters gym bag extras is a good set of lifting wraps and straps. Cerberus are a ultra high quality, very well priced option. Gym junkies will love this gift!

£4.95-12.99 – Buy Cerberus Strength Wraps & Straps




Jimbag SFN Expo

6. Jimbag – Fashionable Gym Bags

The exciting range looks awesome, and every gym junkie would love one of these! Check out the ranges for guys and the ranges for girls. Both are superb!

£19.99-£49.99 – Buy Jimbag Bags Now




Physio Supplies Foam Roller

7. Foam Roller

Any gym junkie needs to focus time and effort on avoiding injury and increasing mobility. That’s the beauty of foam rollers – they’re light, mobile, cheap and HUGELY effective! Physio supplies have a wide range to choose from!

£8.00-£42.00 – Buy Foam Rollers Now



8. Jawbone UP24 – Wireless Activity & Sleep Tracking Device

These things are amazing! Wear it all day, then plug it into your laptop and find out what you and your body has been up to. You can use this to see where you’re going right and wrong to make even bigger gym junkie improvements!

£79.99 – Buy Jawbone UP24 Now




TDT Ben Coomber

9. Transdermal Technology Sprays (TDT)

Brought to you by performance nutritionist Ben Coomber, TDT is a revolutionary recovery sprays, with excellent reviews! Simply spray and rub before and after training to enhance performance and accelerate recovery! Buy separate sprays or a bundle for the gym junkie on your xmas list!

£16-£18 – Buy Transdermal Technology Sprays Now




Bodymax Selectabell Dumbell Set

10. Bodymax Selectabell Dumbbell Set

Is your gym junkie friend more of a home-gym junkie? When space is an issue, these are the greatest gift you can give this Xmas! A simple click and lock system allows you to quickly change your dumbbell from 5kg up to 32.5kg! Visit Powerhouse Fitness to get yours now!

£299 – Buy Bodymax Selectabell Dumbbell Set Now




Primal Kitchen Bars

11. A Delicious Box of Bars

The UK’s first paleo bar, Primal Kitchen, is adding new flavours! If your gym junkie friend follows the paleo diet, or just general excellent tasting healthy snacks, then dive in!

£27 – Buy Primal Kitchen Bars Now





Whey Protein

12. A Good Old Fashioned Whey!

You can’t go wrong with a high quality tub of whey protein – you’ll be the favourite friend for the next 12 months with ease! Physiquecal’s Whey2Muscle is over 80% whey, making it a superb option to go for this Xmas!

£41 – Buy Physiquecal Whey2Muscle Now




Anytime Leisure Suspension Training Xmas Gift

13. On-the-go Suspension Training Gear

The real gym junkie NEEDS to train wherever he/she goes and this makes it incredibly easy! Attach to a door, to a tree, or anything you find that’s sturdy, and you can have a brilliant workout! Anytime Leisure’s huge range will allow you get an amazing xmas gift, whatever the budget!

£13-£500+ – Buy Suspension Training Gear Now





Global Aesthetics

14. Fitted Gym Clothing

Every gym junkie loves some well tailored gym clothing that shows off their hard work! Flying off the shelves, the Global Aesthetics fitted tracksuits are excellently fitted and stylish. Limited Xmas stock, get yours now!

£29-40 – Buy Global Aesthetic Tracksuits Now




Kindle Vouchers

15. Kindle Gift Cards

Something that unites the best of gym junkies is that we all want to know more and achieve more. The answers to all your questions are in books, and probably on Kindle!

£5+ – Buy Kindle Gift Cards Now



ilu Fitwear

16. Casual Fitwear For All!

A huge range of popular female fit wear from ilu Fitwear is sure be one of the best xmas gifts for female gym junkies! Check out the range and let us know if we were right!

£10+ – Buy ilu Fitwear Here




Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 23.02.11

17. SFN 2015 Early Bird Tickets

If you wanted to get your gym junkie friend an incredible experience for their xmas, look no further than a full weekend of sport, fitness and nutrition at SFN 2015! VIP tickets are packed with benefits that start NOW, such as SFN Membership for 2015! AND save up to £10 with Early Bird benefits!

£17.50-£50 – Buy SFN 2015 Early Bird Tickets Now



personal training level 3

18. Fitness Training Course

A training course is an amazing gift and potential career for your gym junkie friend! Whether you know that they want to be a personal trainer or maybe a kettle bell enthusiast turned instructor, what a great gift! Check out Fitness Training Scotland for a full range of courses available as gifts!

£195+ – Buy a Fitness Training Course Now



Reese Tote Bag

19. High End Fashion Gym Bag

These are featuring in all of the high end fashion female magazines at the moment, and rightly so! Get your gym junkie (with excellent fashion sense) this excellent bag to take to her next session!

£120 – Buy Reese Tote Bag Now



Sports Massage

20. Sports Massage

An essential part of any gym junkies routine is a sports massage, but often it’s hard to get round to doing it! Make it easy for them by getting them their next sports massage as the perfect xmas gift!

£30 upwards




Jordan Fitness Kettlebell

21. Kettlebells

No piece of equipment is more versatile whilst taking up such little room. Jordan Fitness supply a brilliant range starting at just £10!

£10-£136 – Buy Jordan Fitness Kettlebells Now




Tefal Actifry

22. Tefal Actifry

Two levels of healthy cooking levels (one healthy fryer and one cooking plate) making healthy, guilt free food you love all cooked in one plug-in device. Lovely!

£246 – Buy Tefal Actifry Now




Gym Membership

23. Gym Membership

Taking the membership responsibility for a year is a great gift! This gift is best after discussion so you get a membership that they really want! MXP Training Centre in Stirling are allowing anyone who quotes this blog 1 month free when signing up for a 12 month contract!

£35+ – Get Membership Now



Fitness Photo Shoot

24. Book a Photo Shoot

Let your gym junkie show off their hard work (after Christmas dinner) with a photo shoot in the near future! EFN (Elite Fitness Network) allow you to spend under £10 a month to get two photo shoots a year plus a membership card full of fitness benefits!

£8 – Get EFN Membership Now



Ionic Power Band

25. Ionic Power Band

“The premise of the Ionic Balance Band is to emit Negative Ions (anions), Far Infrared Rays and Alpha Waves. These properties are then absorbed by the wearer.” – The new series from Ionic Balance is said to be better than ever!

From £11.98 – Buy Ionic Power Band Now


Why Create The SFN Expo?

Well, why not?


I think you’ll agree, there are many problems in the fitness industry that, if looked at and acted upon, would benefit a lot of individuals and the nation as a whole. Having our own strong opinions about these areas that could be improved, below is the goals we wrote in the original plans for the SFN Expo;


  1. Show the public realistic targets of what they can achieve
  2. Increase female attendance at a health and fitness expo
  3. Become a focal point of the Scottish fitness Industry
  4. Help increase attendance at Scottish amateur sporting events
  5. Make Scotland healthier, fitter and happier (active people are generally happy, right?)
  6. Raise £1million for charity while we’re at it!


Show the public realistic targets of what they can achieve


Arguably the biggest “risk” we have taken is being one of the largest expos in the world to host a Natural Bodybuilding event. This means all competitors are put through a drug and lie detector test to ensure they are natural. Why have we done this? To show you what you achieve by grinding out gym sessions and following nutritional plans. This was criticised by some when we took this stance so we have combated this by getting some of the biggest figures in Natural Bodybuilding such as Layne Norton to attend the expo. We will have another headline announcement for you in mid-January to add to the already awesome seminar line-up of Andy ‘Ironmac’ Mckenzie, Ben Coomber, Scott Baptie, Tony Pang, Andrew Chappell, Emma Storey-Gordon and Robert Whiteford!


Increase female attendance at a health and fitness expo


When starting any business you always do your research and what we found was a lot of expos that were very masculine. No wonder there is such low numbers of females attending expos! At the SFN Expo there will be an entire section called “Woman’s World” and also female sporting events. We will promote all areas of woman’s health and fitness from health spas, to new female focussed classes and sporting equipment.


Become a focal point of the Scottish fitness Industry


One problem we are going to solve is helping health and fitness companies promote their services and goods throughout Scotland. This will allow companies to expand throughout Scotland and show new and exciting products to people from Thurso to Edinburgh! We want to bring the best exhibitors in the world to the SFN Expo so you will have a fantastic weekend and see the latest world class products and services in the fitness industry.


Help increase attendance at Scottish amateur sporting events


We have had a lot of sporting success over the past year;


– Ryan Mania won the Grand National

– Marc Austin came 2nd in the World Triathlon Championships in London

– Eve Muirhead, Anna Sloan, Vicki Adams Claire Hamilton, Lauren Gray and coach David Hay won gold in the Woman’s curling World Championships

– oh, and some lad from Dunblane won Wimbledon


We are going to have regional qualifiers for certain events in the SFN Expo. This gives everyone opportunity to compete in front of thousands of people! The SFN Expo will allow us to promote Scottish sporting success at all levels. Confirmed events at The SFN Expo 2014 are Natural Bodybuilding, The UK’s Fittest Company, Kettlebell Championship, Powerlifting, Gi & No Gi Grappling, Strongman, SFN Throwdown. We have another two competitions being released in January too!


Make Scotland healthier


Scotland get a lot of bad press and are the butt of many jokes when it comes to health and fitness. It is time for a change!


We are going to show people a wide range of sports to participate in! In 2014 at the SFN expo you will be surrounded by people who love health and fitness and will encourage you to pursue your goals – be that to begin your fitness journey or take it to the next level!


Raise £1million for charity

We want to use what we have infront of us to raise £1million for charity before we’re both 30. We’ve given ourselves the target of The SFN Expo 2014 raising £80,000, which we’re aiming to do by making The UK’s Fittest Company a charity entry-fee event! So not only can you win the title of the UK’s Fittest Company, you can also raise money for a great cause!


Final word


We would like to thank everyone for their support so far! We accept the exciting and scary challenge ahead of us, but lets be honest… would you rather we ‘started small’ and brought you people you’d never heard of? Or would you rather we brought in the biggest names in the fitness industry, huge competition and the biggest brands to give you all their highest quality goodies?! Lets smash it together. It’s your expo, so let us know what you want us to add to the show!


If you have had sporting success this year send us an email to or, or if you just want to say hello!


Keep lifting,


Neil and Jamie