UFC Scotland Announced: SFN Speaks To Scottish UFC Star Robert Whiteford

Today UFC officially announced their first ever date for a UFC in Scotland. 13,000 people are expected to attend the show at The SSE Hydro in Glasgow and two Scottish fighters are tipped to appear on the card. We caught up with one of the two, Robert Whiteford, to see what he thought this event will do for Scottish MMA and what’s up next for Whiteford himself.


So first of all Whiteford, how did you react when you heard the news that UFC was officially coming to Scotland?

It’s the news I have been waiting for, for along time, the UFC has so many other potential places to go to so it’s great that they are going to come to Scotland, as we are a nation which is engaged with martial arts and fight sports.


13,000 people are expected to attend. What do you think this event will do for MMA in Scotland?

What it will do for the Scottish MMA scene is a hard one to gauge, as it was at it’s peak I think nationally a couple of years ago, with local shows putting on big cards and selling to big(ish) crowds. This is the scene where both me and Jo competed on and it helped us show the world our skills and get the step up. I think it’s a bit different though with the UFC as it attracts many more casual fans, who probably didn’t go to any of these local shows. At the same time, it’s a massive event, which hopefully will alert more people to MMA as a sport, but to be honest I am just really fucking pleased its coming to Scotland, I think if I could sell a few thousand tickets myself!


Robert Whiteford UFC Scotland


What’s next for you? Is there anything on the cards before UFC Scotland or are you holding out hoping to be matched here instead?

To be honest, I have just been focusing on my rehab. I had a quite bad training injury which forced me to withdraw from my fight with Dennis Siver. Its 85% sorted now, so I am still remaining completely focused on getting myself to full fitness. I will be ready to fight, I can’t wait, its been too long. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m climing the F****** walls every day wanting to get back into the Octagon, that is my place of peace and calm, its unexplainable to be honest.


Lastly, will we be seeing you this year at The SFN Expo 2015 for the MMA fans?

I missed the last one, as I was away in America (I think) preparing for my fight, (Which never happened) so, yeah I would be honored to come this year, and hopefully we can put on some cool shit for the fans!


Whiteford’s closing statement…

“I can’t wait to blow the f***ing roof off the place!”


We can’t wait for UFC Scotland and SFN Expo 2015! Robert Whiteford, demo areas and exhibitors at Scotland’s biggest fitness exhibition – get your Early Bird Tickets Now before you miss out!

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25 Xmas Gifts For Gym Junkies

Is your friend a serial gym junkie? Someone who’d rather go out in gym gear than something fancy? Would they rather smash back another protein shake than risk the dreaded catabolism? Well we’re here to save the day for you! 25 christmas gift ideas for gym junkies!


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1. The Fitness Food Company Meal Box

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Coconoil Coconut Oil

3. Coconut Oil

With so many health benefits across the board, coconut oil is an excellent, thoughtful gift for the gym junkie in your life! You can eat it, cook with it, or slap it in your hair or on your skin! Coconoil is 100% organic Coconut oil which is hugely popular!

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Fitter Food Recipe Book - A Lifelong Recipe

4. Fitter Food Recipe Book – A Lifelong Recipe

Sold all over the world, Matt and Keris’ recipe book is an excellent christmas gift for gym junkies. Inside they have over 100 recipes, designed with one thing in mind, to help you look and feel awesome!

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5. Cerberus Strength Wraps & Straps

The basis of any good lifters gym bag extras is a good set of lifting wraps and straps. Cerberus are a ultra high quality, very well priced option. Gym junkies will love this gift!

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6. Jimbag – Fashionable Gym Bags

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Physio Supplies Foam Roller

7. Foam Roller

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8. Jawbone UP24 – Wireless Activity & Sleep Tracking Device

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9. Transdermal Technology Sprays (TDT)

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Bodymax Selectabell Dumbell Set

10. Bodymax Selectabell Dumbbell Set

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11. A Delicious Box of Bars

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Whey Protein

12. A Good Old Fashioned Whey!

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Anytime Leisure Suspension Training Xmas Gift

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Global Aesthetics

14. Fitted Gym Clothing

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Kindle Vouchers

15. Kindle Gift Cards

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16. Casual Fitwear For All!

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17. SFN 2015 Early Bird Tickets

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Sports Massage

20. Sports Massage

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Jordan Fitness Kettlebell

21. Kettlebells

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Tefal Actifry

22. Tefal Actifry

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Gym Membership

23. Gym Membership

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Fitness Photo Shoot

24. Book a Photo Shoot

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Ionic Power Band

25. Ionic Power Band

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Premier Training International: 3 Steps to Becoming a Personal Trainer

As a society we are constantly looking for help, advice and support and this is evident for the health and fitness industry. The health and fitness industry is an attractive industry for employment opportunities. The UK active leisure, learning and well‐being sector currently represents just over 2% of the UK workforce. Premier is the number one training provider in building quality foundations for aspiring fitness professional to launch successful industry careers.


Below are steps you need to help kick start your personal training career.


Step One – How to Become a Personal Trainer

Be honest with yourself; is now the right time to make sure becoming a personal trainer is the correct move for you? You have to make sure that you have what it takes to make a successful career and becoming a personal trainer. You have to be self-motivated, be a good role model for your clients and love working with a variety of different people. If you think you have what it takes then follow the rest of these steps.


Step Two – How to Become a Personal Trainer

In order to start on a career path as a personal trainer, students can take up Premier’s flagship Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training. In just six weeks you can be fully accredited, fully qualified and ready to take your first steps in the world of health and fitness.


The Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training involves:

  • Gold standard in the health and fitness industry
  • Qualify in just 6 weeks (part time options available)
  • 0% interest-free credit options and funding available*
  • Includes Kettlebells, ViPR, circuit training, first aid and your REP’s membership
  • Over 40 UK training venues to choose from
  • 12 months’ career support
  • Guaranteed interviews


Step Three – How to Become a Personal Trainer

Premier offers a special service, Premier Futures, dedicated to forging links between learners and major industry employers such as Pure Gym and David Lloyd. Once you have completed the Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training you can either seek employment within these organisations (and others) or alternatively you can become a self-employed personal trainer.


If you go on to be a self-employed PT, Premier offers Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses, which are fantastic ways for self-employed PTs to keep on top of their game. They’re the perfect opportunity for PTs to increase the revenue potential of their business. For example, Suspended Movement Training can increase the versatility of your commercial offering as well as providing another level of expertise and keeping the client active and engaged in their PT programme.


Hopefully these steps have helped point you in the right direction when it comes to changing your career and becoming a personal trainer.


For more information about Premier Training International please visit:

Why Create The SFN Expo?

Well, why not?


I think you’ll agree, there are many problems in the fitness industry that, if looked at and acted upon, would benefit a lot of individuals and the nation as a whole. Having our own strong opinions about these areas that could be improved, below is the goals we wrote in the original plans for the SFN Expo;


  1. Show the public realistic targets of what they can achieve
  2. Increase female attendance at a health and fitness expo
  3. Become a focal point of the Scottish fitness Industry
  4. Help increase attendance at Scottish amateur sporting events
  5. Make Scotland healthier, fitter and happier (active people are generally happy, right?)
  6. Raise £1million for charity while we’re at it!


Show the public realistic targets of what they can achieve


Arguably the biggest “risk” we have taken is being one of the largest expos in the world to host a Natural Bodybuilding event. This means all competitors are put through a drug and lie detector test to ensure they are natural. Why have we done this? To show you what you achieve by grinding out gym sessions and following nutritional plans. This was criticised by some when we took this stance so we have combated this by getting some of the biggest figures in Natural Bodybuilding such as Layne Norton to attend the expo. We will have another headline announcement for you in mid-January to add to the already awesome seminar line-up of Andy ‘Ironmac’ Mckenzie, Ben Coomber, Scott Baptie, Tony Pang, Andrew Chappell, Emma Storey-Gordon and Robert Whiteford!


Increase female attendance at a health and fitness expo


When starting any business you always do your research and what we found was a lot of expos that were very masculine. No wonder there is such low numbers of females attending expos! At the SFN Expo there will be an entire section called “Woman’s World” and also female sporting events. We will promote all areas of woman’s health and fitness from health spas, to new female focussed classes and sporting equipment.


Become a focal point of the Scottish fitness Industry


One problem we are going to solve is helping health and fitness companies promote their services and goods throughout Scotland. This will allow companies to expand throughout Scotland and show new and exciting products to people from Thurso to Edinburgh! We want to bring the best exhibitors in the world to the SFN Expo so you will have a fantastic weekend and see the latest world class products and services in the fitness industry.


Help increase attendance at Scottish amateur sporting events


We have had a lot of sporting success over the past year;


– Ryan Mania won the Grand National

– Marc Austin came 2nd in the World Triathlon Championships in London

– Eve Muirhead, Anna Sloan, Vicki Adams Claire Hamilton, Lauren Gray and coach David Hay won gold in the Woman’s curling World Championships

– oh, and some lad from Dunblane won Wimbledon


We are going to have regional qualifiers for certain events in the SFN Expo. This gives everyone opportunity to compete in front of thousands of people! The SFN Expo will allow us to promote Scottish sporting success at all levels. Confirmed events at The SFN Expo 2014 are Natural Bodybuilding, The UK’s Fittest Company, Kettlebell Championship, Powerlifting, Gi & No Gi Grappling, Strongman, SFN Throwdown. We have another two competitions being released in January too!


Make Scotland healthier


Scotland get a lot of bad press and are the butt of many jokes when it comes to health and fitness. It is time for a change!


We are going to show people a wide range of sports to participate in! In 2014 at the SFN expo you will be surrounded by people who love health and fitness and will encourage you to pursue your goals – be that to begin your fitness journey or take it to the next level!


Raise £1million for charity

We want to use what we have infront of us to raise £1million for charity before we’re both 30. We’ve given ourselves the target of The SFN Expo 2014 raising £80,000, which we’re aiming to do by making The UK’s Fittest Company a charity entry-fee event! So not only can you win the title of the UK’s Fittest Company, you can also raise money for a great cause!


Final word


We would like to thank everyone for their support so far! We accept the exciting and scary challenge ahead of us, but lets be honest… would you rather we ‘started small’ and brought you people you’d never heard of? Or would you rather we brought in the biggest names in the fitness industry, huge competition and the biggest brands to give you all their highest quality goodies?! Lets smash it together. It’s your expo, so let us know what you want us to add to the show!


If you have had sporting success this year send us an email to or, or if you just want to say hello!


Keep lifting,


Neil and Jamie