Benefits of taking a hot bath for health and wellbeing.

Posted: 14th Jun

Today is International Bath Day, and if, like us, you look for any excuse for a good ol’ soak in the tub then you’ll be delighted to hear that your lengthy bath times are actually good for you! Turns out that a hot bath isn’t just relaxing and good for unwinding after a busy day, but they’re also great for our bodies, physical health and general wellbeing.


To celebrate the annual day of bathing, we’ve rounded up five reasons why you should work in a tub session to your wellness routine -


Speeds up recovery for Sport-related Injuries and Muscle Problems


If you’re experiencing sore or tight muscles after exercising, dipping into a hot bath after working out can help loosen muscle tissue. For best results, rub the tight muscles while you’re submerged in water to stimulate the loosening of muscle tissues.


Soaking a training injury in hot water, starting three or four days after the initial injury, can improve healing by reducing muscle spasms, boosting your circulation and minimizing pain.


Taking baths will speed up your recovery and get you back exercising quickly, meaning you can get back to the gym faster and don’t have to worry about falling out of your routine.


Soaks Away Your Stress


A hot bath is usually the go-to after a hard day at work or when you’re feeling particularly worn down and there’s a reason for why they make you feel more relaxed – it’s scientifically proven that a few minutes in the tub can help reduce stress.

Going for a bath in the evening can relieve anxiety, muscle stress and help you achieve a deeper and better sleep. This is because hot water immersion helps balance the subsystems of your autonomic nervous system.


So, if you’re dealing with a lot of stress and the punching bag isn’t quite making the cut, then why not jump into a hot bath and soak it out.



Can Make Your Heart Healthy


Taking a regular warm bath can help reduce blood pressure which can help prevent more serious heart conditions, like a heart attack or stroke. By using heat to induce better blood flow and circulation, you’re giving your body a mini work out.


Which leads us nicely onto our next benefit…


Baths Burn Calories


Yes, you heard us right.


A 30-minute chill sesh in the tub isn’t quite the same as a spin or body pump class, but a good sweat induced by a hot bath can burn as many calories as taking a walk. Burning calories whilst reading a book and no exercise needed, sign us up please!


Helps you breathe easier


The heat of the bath makes your heart beat faster and increases your oxygen intake. The temperature combined with the steam clearing your sinuses means that you breathe better when you’re in the tub. It isn’t anything new that clear breathing is good for your mind and body - so, if you’re feeling a little clogged up or looking for a good meditation spot, the trusty bath might be the answer.


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