Five fitness trends everyone’s talking about

Posted: 5th Aug

Fitness is everywhere we turn, whether that’s on your favourite influencer’s Instagram, your best friend’s story in the lead up to their holiday or all the gyms popping up across the country. If you want to catch the fitness bug but don’t know where to begin, we’ve rounded up the five fitness trends everyone’s talking about:

Yoga (again!)

Yoga is making a comeback and we’re here for it. There was a period when all the focus was on high intensity cardio workouts and yoga was seen more as a post-exercise stretch than a calorie burner, but this couldn’t be more wrong.

Studios such as Kali Collective are showing that yoga should not be overlooked as a hard workout as you could burn up to 500 calories in a one-hour power vinyasa class. Incorporating new styles, such as Barre, students can push their core strength levels while working on their pranayama for a kick-ass session.

If you’re seeing more and more posts on social media of people enjoying yoga and wondering if you should jump back on the yoga train too, we think you should!

Meal planning and home delivery

Another trend we’re hearing a lot more about it is healthy meal planning services who’ll send everything you need for a nutritious diet straight to your door. Balancing a career or school plus home life and a dedicated workout routine is hard in itself, never mind finding the time to plan out a week’s worth of fresh and balanced meals.

Companies such as Hello Fresh, cover all things food for you – delivering a customised weekly plan filled with pre-portioned fresh ingredients to your home, so you don’t even need to go the shops after a tiring day at the office. Even better, the subscriptions are flexible meaning you can skip a week if you are going on holiday, cancel recipes if you decide to go for dinner with some friends instead of eating in or even change the recipes if you simply decide you like the look of something else.

It’s a pretty great service and well worth the hype in our opinion.

Weight training over cardio

It’s a common misunderstanding that to lose weight or burn more calories, you should opt for cardio over weight training and we’re glad to see that this is starting to get debunked. Thanks to gyms such as CrossFit Glasgow, more and more people are incorporating weightlifting into their workout routines and reaping in the benefits.

CrossFit Glasgow focuses on strength and conditioning training in community style workout programmes, where each exercise is tailored to your level and fitness goals.

The CrossFit trend has definitely hit Glasgow and we think it’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already.

Rise of the influencer workout

Gym memberships are great, but they can be pricey, especially if you’re not getting your money’s worth. Sometimes it’s hard to fit in a session at the gym when you’ve got a busy schedule and can’t spare the needed travel time to get your there – and it seems like influencers are coming to the rescue!

Influencers such as Alice Liveing upload workouts to Instagram that use minimum equipment and can be done in your kitchen, living room or bedroom whenever suits you best. No class timetables, no pricey fees, just a knowledgeable influencer giving you fresh workouts every week.

So if you’re struggling to get yourself along to the gym but want just as good a workout at home, why not follow some health and fitness instagrammers to set you a work out for free.

Online PT sessions

Influencer workouts are great but if you are looking for something a little more structured, online personal trainings sessions and digital fitness programmes are great for helping you fit a hard work out into your busy schedule. We’re seeing more and more trainers opt for digital-based training and we think it’s great.

Not only can these training regimes be designed around your calendar, but you’re also still getting all the benefits and motivators of a personal trainer in the comforts of your own home.

Groovy Glutes is great example on an online-based workout programme that is easy to follow, tailored to you and will have you rocking a peachy bum in no-time. A Groovy Glutes package also includes four resistance bands for you to follow the sessions at home and make sure you’re getting a good workout that will get results.

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