How to keep the kids active whilst off school

Posted: 15th Apr

With schools across the UK closed and many parents working from home, the thought of keeping the wee ones entertained can seem a little overwhelming. 

According to the NHS, children should be active for at least 180 minutes of their day and, as easy as it may be to sit your wee one down on the coach to watch their favourite film and get some peace and quiet (we’ve all been guilty of it), it’s important that you make sure that your children are up and moving throughout the day. 

If you’re looking for some inspiration for how to ensure your kids are kept entertained whilst exercising, we’ve compiled some of our favourite activities that we’ve been loving for our children:

Online fitness classes

Whilst most fitness apps and YouTube videos are aimed at adults, brands and trainers are introducing more child-friendly content to help parents get their kids up and moving during the school closures. For example, Joe Wicks has started a free online P.E class for kids and parents which runs on weekdays at 9am. Each stream lasts around half an hour, so you can either use this as some free time to get through your morning emails or join in and start your day out with a family workout. 

Hold a mini sports day 

Aside from Christmas, birthdays and any other days where kids receive tasty food and presents, sports day is certainly one of the most exciting events in the year. So, why not set up your own? 

Egg and spoon race, running races and long jump are all events which do not require much space or equipment. This is a great way to get the whole family involved and together for a bit of fun. 

Musical statues 

Musical statues is an all-time favourite party game and one that doesn’t require a lot of people. The rules are simple: dance when the music is playing and freeze when the music stops. It’s important that children are keeping active but also having fun and party games, like musical statues, tick both boxes. So, turn off the main light, blast the music and enjoy a good dance session.  

Set challenges 

Whether it’s how many jumps they can do with the skipping rope or how many keepie uppies they can do with a football, kids will love having something to focus on. Whilst their practicing, you can crack on with your list of tasks. 

Create an indoor obstacle course 

Have some fun and let the kids use their creativity and build an indoor obstacle course. Throw some balls into an empty paddling pool (or filled for an extra splash of fun), build a tunnel with cushions and tables and turn books into steppingstones. The options are limitless here and once the obstacle course is complete, get the whole family to try it out.

Social distancing doesn’t mean children need to be cooped up in their home watching telly. There are so many activities that the kids can enjoy whilst keeping safe and active.  


We understand that this isn’t an easy time and taking care of your family can add to your worries and stresses. During this tough time, we want to come together as a community and support one another. So, if you’ve come up with some more fun ideas for how to keep the wee ones entertained and energised, please share these using the hashtag #SFNExpo for other parents to enjoy. 

Stay safe and keep active!


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