Scotland’s Strongest Man and European Max log and Deadlift Championships

Only the strongest will survive!

Who's got what it takes? With 20 of Scotland's strongest competing for the glory, this is an event not to be missed!

Witness the incredible strength of Scotland's strongest men and women as they are pushed to the limit.  From overhead press to deadlift, only the strongest will be crowned champion. 

The stage is set with our NEW seated viewing platform to see all the action and the atmosphere will be electric as we build up to the ultimate final on Sunday! 


European Max Log & Deadlift Championships

See Rhianon Lovelace trying to break her on new world record deadlift of 260kg, and Peter Bremner aiming to lift 450kg! 

Max Deadlift for Scotland's Strongest Man will run alongside the European Log and Deadlift Championships


Press Medley (110kg block x 1 rep, 130kg axle x 1 rep, 140kg log x 2 reps)

Cerberus Sack Throw (4 sacks from 18-25kg over a 15kg bar Loading (110kg anchor, 120kg keg, 120kg sack, 130kg anvil)

Duck Walk & Drag (220kg Duck Walk into 15m half ton cage drag)

Atlas Stones (120kg-205kg)

Grant Drennan

Christopher Beetham

Jason Hastie

Brian Wilson

Luke Stoltman

Louis Jack

Michael Wilson

Tom Stoltman

Ron Young

Scott Milne

Zake Muluzi

Kyle Gibson


Tickets are on sale now with options ranging from General Entry one day tickets to the ultimate Elite Weekend ticket so you don’t miss a thing!

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