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We're so proud to bring GroovyGlutes to the SFN Expo. Come and try our innovative resistance bands and join our groovilicious group classes on Saturday at 4:15pm and Sunday at 11.15am. All bums welcome! GroovyGlutes is bringing a fitness revolution to getting a strong, healthy butt using the medium of dance and our unique resistance bands. Every GroovyGlutes workout is built on our belief that fitness should be accessible and fun. We also believe that we, the fitness professionals, should spread the message of the importance of strong glutes to our students, participants and club members. Working towards strong gluteal muscles keeps back and knee injuries away and helps us perform better in all sports. And of course, as a side effect we get a round peachy bum too. Bring on the compliments! 😉

New from Groovy Glutes

Our resistance bands our now PEACHY! Some like them black but the public has voted for peaaach! Cuter design, same superior quality. They don't slip, snap or move and they give you full freedom to move and groove. Come and experience our new GroovyGlutes classes too. They're fun, sassy and empowering. All bums and levels are welcome (16+). We've also just had our first instructor training, so if you'd like to bring GroovyGlutes to your gym / community, check our next dates on our website.

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We've been featured in various magazines and the BBC Radio1



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